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Test help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjISgood, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I need to take a drug test for any job I apply for in my town. I hav smoked daily for a year and am 220 Lbs. And I'm not in that great of shape and I know thc stays in the fat of the body. Anybody got some suggestions?

    Also If u get a MMJ card can u get a job and still smoke?
  2. Daily for a year.. hmm... definitely chronic use. When you stop smoking THC will remain in your fat for months, in your blood up to 90 days. Really, the only way to pass is to do cardio and burn the fat, drink lots of water, stop smoking, and well.. time. Other than that nothing will really work.

    If the test is in private in a bathroom, you can buy fake urine and will pass the urine test. Unfortunately if they do blood tests it will probably be in your system for up to three months, maybe longer.
  3. Work out a lot every day, by work out I mean cardio, and eat healthy and drink a lot of water...bout all you can do
  4. depends what kind of test it is. if it's a saliva test then all you need to do is quit for 3+ days before the test and use mouthwash.
    if it's a urine test my best advice is to drink a few detox drinks, there are a few that actually work (i don't remember the brands). drink tons of water and exercise a lot. then during the test put a little warm water in your urine, sometimes that dilutes the test. in extreme cases you can put a tiny bit of bleach in there but some tests can detect that.
    good luck dude!
  5. abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe ;)

  6. yeah

    don't have children
  7. [quote name='"i Donk"']


    don't have children[/quote]

    Dude I'm fckn 18 and in college. Y the hell would I want children!?

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