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  1. Hello everyone!

    Like other posts I have read about substitution for a drug screen, I have decided to pay it forward and provide a review/experience using Test Clear yesterday. Completely recently and by surprise I was offered a job that required a pre-employment drug screen. I read a lot of things about how to best pass. I am a mostly every day smoker and have recently discovered the joy of concentrates via vape pen. I knew there was no way I could pass a test with little notice and even though I have used the detox drinks in the past, I didn't have enough time this time.

    I was worried about dilution, adulterants (quick fix, etc.) and I REALLY wanted this job. I liked the appeal of "real" powdered urine and I placed an order last Friday. I paid for overnight delivery, to arrive Monday or Tuesday but to my surprise, it was delivered Saturday even thought I didn't pay for Fedex Saturday delivery. All I was really worried about was getting the temp right. I was so nervous. I practiced with water in the tube stashed under my boob (one of the few times big tits come in handy) and I was a little relieved that even without heating the water I was able to maintain about 94-95 degrees for several hours.

    Yesterday, I had my appointment for LabCorp so I filled the tube, mixed in the dried pee and attached the toe warmer. Got up to 100 within 20 minutes. When it was time to go to my appointment, I walked outside to my car and the temp immediately spiked to over 100. I'm in the southeast and it is already hot as fuck. I decided then to remove the toe warmer and go ahead and stash in my sports bra. When I got to the collection site, about 30 minutes later, there was no one else waiting and I was called back as soon as I checked in at the kiosk in the lobby. The lady attending me was very sweet, handed me the cup and told me to fill it half way and go ahead and flush the toilet when I was done. I forgot to shake before I poured it into the cup so I shook it in the donation cup with the lid snapped shut. Perfect 96 degrees. Perfect bubbles.

    I handed it over and temp was marked within range. My new employer got my results back this morning, about 18 hours after donation and all is good!

    I hope this helps someone like all of the posts here helped me ease my mind about my 1st substitution.
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  2. btw this was a non-DOT test if that matters to anyone
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  3. Thanks fellow traveler. I appreciate how you took care of the problem yourself without asking how to pass a surprise drug test. When I was being tested the first few times I subbed I was so nervous I wouldn't need to remember to shake it up, my hands were already shaking. It's a wonderful feeling knowing you just successfully subbed and passed when you're walking out of the clinic after spending a couple of days worrying about it.

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