Test...123...testing sig...

Discussion in 'General' started by God's Son, May 8, 2004.

  1. This is just a test post to try out my new regulation size sig. Nothing of interest will be posted here. Click your back button.
  2. Thats an acceptable sig, right?
  3. did you write that?

    i'd like it if i was into rap :p
  4. that's a cool sig. do you guys like my sig? i like yours grass roots.
  5. Heh, no, I wish I wrote that...it's a song by The Fugees called The Beast.
  6. Actually, your sig is still too long.

    Sorry :(
  7. There, thats 8 lines.
  8. wow, and it amazingly fits the 90 characters per line rule. just BAREly though. you're my hero.
  9. Actually, it's 9 per my screen....and this should be in the General forum. :)
  10. Do you guys think they know the correct English, but use ebonics on purpose?
  11. I've secretly always wanted to run up on stage before a concert and go: "Test....1...2....3......Check......Test....Test....1...2...3..."
    So I couldn't help myself here!
    Toke On!
  12. i think that sig is wack. "but to WHO, ooh" wtf is that.
  13. hey um.. how do i make the text size in my sig smaller? i'm too lazy to look around for it.. and i guess if my sig violates the rules it'll just get deleted..
  14. When I need to test a modification I do to my sig, I just open up any old post of mine, and then in another window I do the editing, saving, and then in the old post window I resfresh, and see the results. It saves the board from spaming. Errr, were you asking the mods to okay your sig?

  15. I'm too lazy to tell you how to do it. LOL.

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