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  1. I just heard the funniest terrorist story ever on the news just now. A UK flight was canceled before take off today and all passengers evacuated (a few minor injuries going down escape chutes) when smoke was discovered.

    Then at the end of the report, they say the flight was bound for amsterdamn and the smoke was found in the toilet.

    .... hehehehehehe...

    they never said for sure, but I'm fairly certain I know what that smoke was and how it got there. hehe

  2. Thats is so funny, I wonder how often it happens people tokin on flights. And to amsterdamn of all places. =)

  3. lol that's hella funny :D
    that reminds me of the flight that got stopped over here because a lady paniced over a fellow passeneger who had opened up a card with metallic confetti in it
  4. goddammit kumar
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  5. Wonder where these guys are now... lol.
  6. Get high then get to go down a big ass inflated slide he'll yeah count me in.
  7. Bolshevik.

    They were smoking tobacco back in there. Only cigarette junkies can't resist the URGE to light their thang.

    Any weed smoker would have eaten their dose well before boarding, and would be sitting there with a wide grin on their face, wondering, 'Are there nachos on this flight?'
  8. Sad to say but for the longest time i thought the mile high club ment getting high on a plane. Was pretty dissapointed when i found out what it actually ment. Chances are its easier for me to sneak bud on a plane rather than a girl(if i were to find one).

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  9. Holy fuuuck, '02?!
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  11. I remember y2k virus and America Online subscription discs in the mail too. Not even anthrax...
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