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  1. so If i know a GUY that like 6 months ago said he converted to muslim, started talking about people being infadel(hes a fucking infadel but ok), he got all preachy, and started talking about him and his friends that had "plans" and he was afraid his phone was tapped.

    Hes a white guy, did the gangster part, the Catholic part, the muslim thing. I know this dude from military school, He was a rule nazi and a little bitch. When he got out, he started back up into all his shit(like us all) but he thougt he was the tuffest gangbanging man around, even tho hes white, and as hairy as a wolf.

    So well now I saw on myspace that hes joing the Air force and has already enlisted.

    So Idk man he could be nuts enough to pull somthing, and I dont know if its enough to report, or what, but I got pissed and stoped talking to him becasue he was all bashing evreything I stood for, and was nuts becasue he Didnt truly understand all of what he was saying.

    It could be nothing but his page is all decked out, his home town-mecca-
    his picture is of a ak 47 and his name is now Dukhan
    and he sighns his shit that way.

    so what do you think?
  2. I say kill the mother fucker
  3. Don't worry, acting out in that way, displaying those pictures, phrases, etc; the feds will have him in a second.
  4. Not to mention if he was smart enough to actually pull something off, he wouldnt put anything like that on his page(not sure what that is), thats just asking for shit
  5. Are you guys kidding me?? OF COURSE a terrorist would post his plans for world damnation in his blog, on myspace.


    (just being a smart ass)

    But anyways, I've got a friend Jimmy who owns a smoke shop down the road. He totally fits the description for terrorist. He speaks some incomprehensive jibber jabber on the phone REAL LOUD some times. Sometimes I'll catch little words like 'motherfucker' in the mix..
  6. thing is hes realy smart...so he could atain a pretty prestigious rank in the air force, I got a damn good score on the ASVAB, and hes much smarter than me
  7. Doesn't matter a god damned thing how smart he appears to be if he posts that crap on his MySpace, it's simply not possible for him to do anymore after that.
  8. he doesnt post any actual plans just this picutre

    and praise allah

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  9. That picture looks like it comes from a terrorist sympathizer. Not to mention if they decide to look into it, which they will when they can, him actually being a muslim and calling people "infidels" is not the best way to represent himself to the FBI's counter-terror unit.
  10. According to Richard Marcinko (Who is the coolest person ever by the way) terrorists, for some odd reason, LOVE to write everything down. I think that, like serial killers, they really want to be caught. :p

    If you truly believe this guy wants to do some kind of terrorist action, call the cops and report it. You can do so without giving personal details about yourself. Although, he does seem to be kind of flaky, jumping from one belief set to another, perhaps this is simply a phase and, given time, he will change into a Scientologist or a Mormon, or something equally scary but less violent? ;)

  11. who knows, it was just a shock when I heard he would be entering the airforce, so he could be all patriotic for know, but still..It kinda sets me un easy
  12. I'd be more worried if Santa Claus crashed his sled into a nuclear facility. A terrorist is a fairy tale just like the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy.

  13. Interesting.

    There has been at least one case of that dude from florida that went over seas to fight agasint the infadels.

    Who Knows This kid does fit the profile for at least a shooting. But

    we all know wht profiling can do. I was outside wendys in my truck for to long and they called the cops on me. I was On the phone(waiting for an ounce) good thing they had a good response time.

    but yeah I will wait, I do not think it is my Business right now, maybe I hit the right key words ( Bomb) and theyll check this out and get to the bottom of it with out me saying anything to any authority.
  14. He doesn't fit a profile for a shooting at all, he fills a profile of someone who can't decide what he wants to do in life so he goes through gangster, catholic, and now muslim. If they've been through "gangster" before, I doubt any intelligence/internal service agency is going to have a bit of problems with them.
  15. he tried the muslim thing...

    and. not that just his past life. I know him very well
  16. umm if he acts like that and says shit like that i think the air force would probably let him go but w/e worst comes to worst just be like whats the deal next time u see him lol
  17. August 15, 2007 3:28 PM
    yo buzzwell come over here so i can cut your fucking tounge out

    this is what of one of his friends wrote when I told austin to leave america, if he didnt apreciete the freedom....he forwarded it to some mexican in austin.
  18. fuck that pussy bitch ill slit his throat

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