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Terror Toons

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, May 22, 2003.

  1. anyone ever hear of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' ???

    well... you need to go out to Blockbuster and rent a movie called Terror Toons. trust me... it's more insane than The Wall. i was on 10 hits of 'cid when i saw it... and i couldn't watch the whole movie. i actually had to get up and leave.

    be warned though. you've never seen anything like this. it is extremeley wacked out. i mean to the point where the whole movie is designed specificly to fuck with the minds of people who are tripping face.
  2. cottons you crazy! so where did you hear about terror toons? i think ill stick to the ganj to watch ;)

    ~10 of paper?
  3. Wow man, you had ten hits of LSD and you didn't even mail me one??!?! That's fucked up man! OK anyways, is it a cartoon? I haven't even seen the wall yet, we were going to watch it in school but people kept on talking about tripping and watching it, so my teacher said that's the last straw.. damn idiots don't know when and when not to talk about drugs...


  4. lol. good idea. yeah... i ate 10 of the best paper hits i've ever had. 1 hit was enough to make someone trip (open-eyed visuals and all)... a friend of mine did 8 and stopped eating acid after that. i dunno... i just really like tripping face, so 10 wasn't that bad (until i started watching that movie). i'd do 25 if i could afford it, LOL.

    EDIT: i heard about the movie from a friend. we were all going to trip face at this girls house that night so we stopped at Blockbuster to pick up movies. he heard about Terror Toons from a friend of his, so we got it... had no idea what we were in for.
  5. cottons, I dunno if your just another philly nut or not getting the vineland junk ;) lol, I dunno this paper down here will keep you up for daaaaaaaaaays baby! whend you do this? did you sleep when? after some 60 hours of toking straight?! lol...
  6. it was a while ago... i stayed up all night... i wasn't enjoying myself much, so i smoked a lot of weed and tried to crash (the people i was with ruined my night). i finally passed out at about 7 in the morning after taking them at like 5:30 or so in the afternoon. i woke up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and was still kinda tripping face.

    but i took 6 before and was tripping for a day. i dunno. every experience is different :)

    it was definately intense though (when i did 10). everything i saw was part of the trip. i could faintly hear my friends in the background talking (music was drowning them out pretty good), but that was about it. ever taste colors? lol. it was like i was in the middle of an ever changing rainbow and i could stick out my tongue and taste it. i liked red the best :D
  7. My acid days are far behind me but I love the Wall and if you're comparing it I'll have to check it out.
  8. it's not like the wall... you might find it kinda silly or just weird while sober. i doubt you'll beable to watch the whole movie for lack of interest. but it's definately the most intense thing i've ever seen.

  9. Something I've been wondering about lately.. Why do people completely quit LSD after they've been doing it for years? Too intense, or does it get boring? I'm just beginning to experience LSD, so I see using it for many years to come.....

  10. for a lot of people it becomes too intense. acid is weird like that... usually the more people do it the less they want to. now, mind you, this may take several years... but eventually people just don't want to do it anymore.
  11. cottons, ifu like acid that much u have to have tried peyote. I was on peyote last year and although ill never do it again, its crazier n any acid trip. whatever u trip u will start to believe..... my friends had to convince me back into reality after that one.
  12. i wish i coulda tried peyote. i live in the NE so it's not easy to come by. i've had similar experiences with acid. i couldn't find my friend's bed that was 5 feet in front of me...

    then later that night i hit my peak (around 4am)... i came home and layed down in my bed... then this is what i saw...

    it was me... and a bunch of colors that kept changing... and music. i could see the music in the colors, and taste the colors... next thing i know it's 7:30 in the morning and i'm still tripping face... but i know sorta what's real and what isn't. made my way to the potty to come back and leave reality again until about 11 :D

    my first time on shrooms i had to touch everything i saw to make sure it was really there. it took me 3 and a half hours to walk about 2 and a half miles. my face kept leaving my body and chasing the shrooms all around (like pac-man). everything i saw was something else. lol. all i kept thinking was "i'm gonna get so lost" LOL. that trip lasted a good 7 hours :D

  13. I quit because I started having bad trips, paranoia, bad stomach pains etc... I'm sure it was all in my head but I figured it's the right time to quit. I'll still do shrooms once in a while.

    It is not boring that's for sure.

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