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Terrifying Experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Friends>HIMYM, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. So I just came off a really long T break for reasons untold. I bought a gram of platinum cookies shatter. I felt like dabbing at the park for some reason. The only people there were in the soccer field far away from where I was. I should mention that it was dark. There was also no one around me.
    I sat on a picnic table where I could dab comfortably. I took two dabs and got really high. Then an SUV pulls up about 150 feet away from me. I couldn't tell if it was a cop car or not. I was behind some batting cages. At first I was just a little weirded out, but then people got out of the SUV. I had a lot of stuff sitting on the table like my vape, phone, dabbing equipment, and had to pack it all up so fast I could barely grip anything. I started walking really fast away and I was really high but it looked like they were following me with flashlights. When I get to an open area I turn around the corner and that freakin SUV is following me. Very slowly but getting closer. It looks beat up now but I didn't get a good look.
    I started booking it. I almost fell in a ditch. It seemed like they were getting closer and closer. I was running with all my might towards the exit that leads to a neighborhood street. But no matter how fast I ran I couldn't seem to go fast enough. I felt like my heart was going to come out my chest. When I got to the street, I thought they would end up following me around the corner and down the street. So I ran into someone's side yard. People had scarecrows in their front yard for Halloween decorations which did not help. There was not much space so I hid in a shadow.
    I was breathing so hard I felt like people had to have heard me. I'm hallucinating like crazy both auditory and visual. When I caught my breath, I made sure I didn't drop anything. Fortunately everything was still there. I start walking down the street and text a friend. Every car that passed by made my heart skip a beat.
    I will never dab away from home again. At least not by myself outside like that. In the darkness.
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  2. You were probably just stoned and really fucking paranoid bro. But in general not going out of your comfort zone especially away from where you'd feel the most comfortable/safe (probably your home 99% of the time) is a good idea with weed. I don't dab since I keep a low tolerance (don't smoke that much) well that's the main reason anyway but I'm sure it's really intense like a kief high or even more so and I wouldn't want to do that in public personally.

    Also you said you came off a t break and then dabbed. So that's a fuck load of THC with like no tolerance. Honestly not surprising that it resulted in a bad experience. You went beyond the limits of what you could've been comfortable with. Know your limits. Unless of course you're batman.

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  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was just a bunch of teenagers or something. And looking back, it was actually quite a thrill. Maybe not during the moment but it's kind of funny.
    If you use a vape for dabbing you can gauge it better but it'll creep up on you. With a rig, one hit can be too much if it's big enough.
    The rest of the experience was really fun though. I called a friend, laughed my ass off, watched TV, laughed some more.
  4. Chandler rocks.
    My favorite on the show.
  5. Hell to the yes! :metal: I was split between Joey and Chandler for a while but Matthew Perry is an awesome guy!
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  6. If getting high off flower is green, dab highs are yellow. That's how I'd describe it.
  7. If getting high from flower is green, then getting high off shatter is yellow. That's the best way I can describe it.
  9. Just not a good set of circumstances for a first time back all around. Outside mostly uncomfortable in public? Check. Dabs instead of bud for a first smoke back? Check. Too much paraphernalia overall to carry and conceal comfortably and quickly? Check! :laughing: Glad all was well, but yeah, surroundings, environment and knowing your limits are necessary components when smoking with a low tolerance, especially in anything resembling public. Must have felt crazy to go through, though, at the time.

    jah!/*d$* :smoking:
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  10. I don't know I was baked when I wrote that lol
  11. Yeah I got a vape now and I can get right where I want at a comfortable pace :smoke:
    Looking back, it was probably just some teenagers. But yeah with the vape, .05g lasts me all day :hello:
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  12. Idk I was pretty baked when I wrote that haha :yummy:
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  13. Haha, all this so much. I would never be too comfortable at a park after dark blazing UNLESS I could eat or flick the evidence. Even smoked at 10am on a crowded beach while walking near the waterline. Theory at the time was, ain't no beach cops wearing all that gear gonna get on dat hot ass sand! Now with cell phones on everyone everywhere one concerned citizen is all it could take. Damn, I'm too paranoid for all that now even with vaping stealth.

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    I understand completely. I live in Alabama and the law is 1 year and 6000 bucks for possession. That's why I ran is cuz I thought it was cops. Couldn't tell but my blazed ass just wanted to run away.
    However, most cops will just look away. I know people who have got caught and got off with probation. I live in Huntsville which is a fast growing larger sized city and the cops here are actually really chill. Heck, if you go to a small town around here, people know the cops by name and they're extremely nice. There's a town called Arab that didn't even have a police force a while back. One of the Troopers there would smoke with people. I kid you not. As for the people, most people either smoke or are okay with legalization.
    I have a vape now which is great because I can literally dab anywhere. Not that I do, but paranoia about getting caught is 0. It just looks like a regular vape pen. There's no smell, and I can get hella blasted with just several hits.
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