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terrible throat problems

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MrLebowski, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, well over the past two days ive developed this cold (i guess) that ive had before where my throat glands swell up and it hurts horrifically to swallow (and youd be surprised how often you have to swallow). I also have a fever of about 100 and terrible headaches. Do you think it would be safe to try smoking weed and see if it helps? My only worry is that the smoke will aggravate my throat more, though it doesnt hurt to breathe.

    I dont think i can make any edibles since i think that tends to smell bad and my parents would kill me if they suspected, and also eating is like the most painful thing right now.
  2. try smoking out of a vaporizer, it doesnt irratate your throat nearly as much as smoking it out of a piece does.
  3. Maybe you have mono.
  4. Smoking always helped me temporarily... but sucked more in the long run.

    I'd say if you DO smoke... take it very easy and slowly...

    However, I don't recommend it, and would sooner suggest the use, like someone said, of a vaporizer (which I realize isn't an option for everyone)... or some baked good (firecrackers) don't give off that horrible of a smell (you get more of that cooking/oven in use smell)...

    I'd just do whatever possible to ingest via method that's NOT smoking.
  5. to ease the strain on your throat i suggest the following..

    suck on a menthol cough drop before and spray some chlorseptic spray to numb up the back of your throat.

    Steam up your bathroom and toke in there

    take small hits, coughing is not your best friend in this circumstance

    as stated before, vaping or cooking is the way to go.. actually cooking would be my first choice in this situation, but if you're gonna smoke... you'll want to ease the strain on your throat as much as possible
  6. great idea to steam up the bathroom, might really help
  7. u got mono dude, wait till the throat gets better b4 puffing, i waited like a week to puff when i had mono till my throat stopped hurting, and after that i started to feel better.
  8. You guys arent doctors, he could have the Flu which is way more common. As for smoking when you've been sick is a terrible idea Smoking irritates and dries the mucous membranes that line the nose and throat. For someone who doesnt understand that it means you will be sick longer and it could get worse. Its not worth doing it, If your sick for more then 2 days goto the doctor and let him find out.

  9. I think its a matter of opinion...

    I have indeed noticed you stay sick for longer if you smoke. (cannabinoids have immunosupressive qualities)

    But then theres times, when you have chills and a high fever and you ache, and taking just 1 hit relaxes you and you can get to sleep correctly.
    Also, i've had stomach flus with frequent vomiting and stomach cramping, and the weed really helps alot.

    So yeah, I think you can make a choice depending on how sick you are or how much free time you have.

    I've never smoked with an irritated throat though, so I'd just advise you to cook or vape if possible. And like others said for smoking- water filtered, small hits, dont cough...
  10. I was sick last time I smoked, with a sore throat. Smoking didn't really make it hurt anymore, it made it feel better, but I lost my voice so I couldn't laugh.
  11. bronchitis,strep throat, mono?
  12. Having an upset stomach is one thing but smoking when you have a sore throat is not a good idea at all. Take some Nyquil that will put you to sleep. When you smoke it dries your throat even more and the more dry the worse the virus/infection will hurt and get. Its not a matter of opinion ask a doctor.
  13. Sounds almost exactly like strep throat, go to a doctor, you probably have either strep, ear infection, or mono. If your really tired and drained probably mono, if mainly just swallloing hurts and you have a fever probably strep. I've had a multiple of all of them when i was a child, eventually when i was around 14 or 15 i got my tonsils and adenoids out.From then on i only get any sinus allergy problems when im around a bunch of animals, a bunch of people cut there grass or something or when the flowers bloom.

    I'd just go to a doctor, he'll swab your throat and then test it for the above if you tell him your current symptoms, but i wouldn't smoke, makes your throat dry and ruff and the more wet your throat is with strep the better it feels.

  14. Just drink an assload. Hurts like hell to swallow but makes it a lot better, that and suck on shit. I was normal after having mono in only a week, all I did was lay down and play Mario on the SNES. Hope ya get better though, a break from smokin' is never good.
  15. Its people with the outlook you have on weed smoking that gives it a bad name, its not to be abused just enjoyed, life isnt supposed to revolve arround marijuana smoking.

    Thats what jesus told me.


    But seriously, you can take a break from smoking. Its not healthy.

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