terrible, terrible party

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  1. so last night i went to a party.. friday the 13th. at that party, i lost my phone, i really fucked up my back, i think a disk slipped. broke my bowl. got stitches on both of my hands, and got a mild concussion.
    it started off like every other party, smoking in the upstairs room and drinking 40's (thug life).
    after joking around, doing some strike outs and whatnot, my buddy and i go for the fortyhands. this is where you take two forties, un cap them, and duct tape them to each hand. so you are known as "your name" fortyhands. this game really complicates stuff. you can't smoke cigarettes alone, you can't pee alone, you can't do anything, really.

    jump back about a week ago. my buddy and i were cruising around and we went to go pick up some weed. we pull into guy's drive way and my buddy says he'll be right back and tells me to stay in the car.. i'm kind of puzzled.. but he goes in, comes out with this fat bitch, and just plows her in her van which was right next to my jeep. i told him he needs some standards because i know her, and she's a pretty gnarly hoe.

    so back to the party. we were upstairs and out of no where this dude, named John, just starts yelling "dude i'm gonna fuck you up!!" and charges up the stairs. turns out my boy fucked his baby's mamma. hoes :smoke:

    but anyways, we were trying to be mature and just leave. so i started heading down the stairs and John was outside or some shit, didn't really care. i got about half way down the staircase and some kid pulls on my foot and drags me off the staircase, causing me to fall over, crashing on a table, and breaking a bunch of shit including the two forties duct taped to my hands. the glass from the forties went into my hand, and my bowl in my pocket broke. i was bleeding all over the damn place.

    so we left, i was livid. i don't even know who pulled me down the stairs, i just remember getting up and leaving. i couldn't even drive home, i can hardly type !
    but yeah, i left my phone there too, so now i don't have one of those :\ i went to the ER and they stitched me up and said i got a mild concussion, nothing bad though.

    fuck friday the 13º
  2. Wow that's fucked up.
  3. dern thats fucked up man, heres how my friday the 13th went..
    we went to check a party out,brought some kids out to look at some bud,they didnt have enough money so we locked everything back up and went inside.
    about five minutes later we come back out to smoke with some girls and we come back to an empty car. so now im missing two scales, my diamond grind, a ounce of bud, and my bong. the bad thing is i know who took it and they WERE one of my close friends who had my back through anything, guess shit changes.
  4. Dude that's crazy. It was probably hard to catch yourself falling with two big-ass 40 oz bottles attached to your hands lol.

    sorry man get well soon
  5. That sounds shitty man

    But when you tell this same story as a joke when you're older it'll be fucking hilarious.

    "so there I was with 2 forties taped to my hands when my friend fucked some dude's baby mama.."
  6. lmao, this will too make a great story later on. fuck being a fortyhands. not worth it.
  7. that's so shitty dude. i've had the same thing happen to me. someone stole my 350$ bong awhile ago. and a plant. i was heartbroken. turns out it was my close friends who did it. needless to say, i got my shit back.
  8. That sucks but imagine if you got pulled over by a cop with the remains of two forties taped to your hands....that.would.suck.
  9. Damn,that's one crazy day:smoking:
  10. To bad those 40's broke when you fell instead of over one of those fools head.
  11. ^ exactly. and if i got pulled over with 2 forties duct taped to my hands i would just let it happen...
  12. that'll get ya.
    i'm sorry for what happened
  13. Glad i wasnt really outta the house that day.Lol
  14. the fortyhands' family always fuckin shit up

  15. h a r d c o r e :eek::hello:
  16. born and raised, muthafucka.
  17. None of this woulda happened if u wouldn't have spilled that salt at breakfast
  18. Damn FiveOnIt Fourtyhands, that is quite some story.

    Seriously that part had me cracking up haha
  19. +rep for the name. i'm tying to upload pictures right now. there's one of me ripping a 3 foot bong, but my friend lighting it for me because my hands were busy holding 40s.

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