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Terrible smoking experience

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FinnaFlyOut, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So I was at a party and probably downed a full party cup of rum within 1-2 hours so I definitely was a little buzzed. I then smoked a joint that I rolled for the first time ever. Everyone that I was smoking with told me it was really good and it hit smooth so I was pretty pumped. I then split 2 1 gram blunts with 4 different people. At this point I was baked, and in hindsight I probably would have been fine. But then someone broke out their bowl, never hitting a bowl before I took the hardest hit I ever have, watching the nugget decrease to nothing. At this point I went into a coughing fit, but recovered. I had a terrible metallic taste in my mouth and weird pressure above my adam's apple, which made me drink water, along with the fact I didn't want a hangover. Then it all went downhill, I puked out about 5 bottles of water all at one time. After I puked I felt great, but knew I overdid it. I puked some more water out later. Only my 3rd time smoking and it was Bubba Kush.

    Definitely won't be smoking anytime in the near future.

    Smoke way too much
    Not smoking for awhile
  2. Man ive never heard of this happening and ive smoked for 6 years...but damn thats crazy.
  3. I guarantee you puked because of the alcohol.
  4. Dude it's fine. It was likely the combination of the booze/smoking alot/and the huge hit.

    My friend always pukes if smokes alot of normal bowls and then hits a fat rip.

    Also in my experience you shouldnt drink and smoke. For me it seems like it counter-acts.

  5. 5 bottles of water? No wonder you puked

  6. ^^^ This. Sorry to hear about your shitty experience. Don't let it ruin bud for you though. Try it again sober, smoke a smaller amount and see how it goes.

  7. I was getting terrible cotton mouth and I can't stand the metallic taste I get after smoking. Plus the weird pressure at the top of my throat (not related to the puking) makes me want to drink water.
  8. i bet my ass that you wouldnt have puked if you didnt have all that liquor man...i remember on my birthday last year i also had a very good drunk and i actually had my first adderall experience but then i took a massive grav hit and instantly threw up. sometimes weed will just make you very woozy and dizzy/aware of how much fucking alcohol yet to be absorbed from your stomach and you just puke. let this be a lesson for next time your really drunk :wave:

  9. Well there's your problem.
  10. #11 Deepsmoke, Aug 8, 2011
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    The metallic taste was probably from the metal bowl and/or the metal screen in it. Drinking a lot and smoking usually makes me puke unless i manage to pass out first. Fell asleep with my head laying on the toilet seat once, because I puked every time I moved my head.

    So if your going to drink AND smoke then I recommend drinking a little and smoking a lot!
  11. This is why I stick to beer when I toke. But mostly no alcohol at all. I dont like that wavey feeling after mixing both in heavy amounts.
  12. ^ Yess beer is great with bud, i'm not a big fan of hard liquor so...
  13. It was the alcohol...pretty damn sure it was.

  14. I think I see the problem.

    You gotta walk before you run, son.
  15. You totally cross-buzzed man. Stick to the grass man.
  16. I am sure it was the alcohol, but I was sooo baked. And yeah I don't know what is up with me or if it is normal but fuck I get a horrible taste in my mouth that I can only describe as metallic.

  17. In my experience, that happens when you take a big long hit and burn your tongue. I used to mix weed (or hash) with hard liquor as a career choice. It will kick your ass.

    If you want to really put yourself over the top, do what you did and then go drink a pot of coffee. I saw god.
  18. grass before beer and ur in the clear
    beer before grass on ur on ur ass
    this is why u would have puked, ive done it myself and its because u drank before (not like 1 or 2 beers)

  19. There's no way I could have handled caffeine. Honestly I wasn't that bad, I was lucid throughout the whole thing, and remember all of it. My mind and my thought processes were fine, my body was fucked though.

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