terrible news

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KBslinga, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. walked outside this morning to water my plant, only to find out someone cut the stalk and took off with my plant. from right behind my house!

    shits awful man, worst feeling ever
  2. that sucks balls man i would put more next year and try and catch them
  3. Sounds like someone was a complete idiot ... if you were still watering, im guessing they were not real close to harvest? they ruined a perfectly good plant by trying to be a dumbass.
  4. was planning on letting it go till about oct 17 or so
  5. Sorry to hear that.A lot of ripping going on this year.May future culprits get raped by evil midget demons with cement fallices:devious:.Happened to me this year as well.I was left with an eigth of popcorn buds from the plant they cut.Luckily I still have 3 more going.
  6. sorry 2 hear that ,,theres a few punk rippers here in gc showin pics of peoples plants asking if they're ready

  7. yea ive seen them posting about plants theyve randomly found in the middle of where ever.

    im gunna start growing indoors i beleive. makin a grow box out of an oldschool mini fridge
  8. you can make a decent grow box out of 1 full sheet of drywall and some 1x1s in the corners to screw into
  9. i wonder if all of these rips have something to do with people posting pictures of grows all over the www?
  10. i doubt it. probably just reputations/open mouths and visitors
  11. I am VERY sorry for you, i know that would make me feel...
    I am DEBATING taking down one of my plants early just so if someone tryied to snatch them right at harvest at least I will have one plant to smoke for a while..havent done it yet but the more i hear about this topic, I might take off some colas or something a week early
  12. I had this happen to a friend. They just opened the gate to their backyard right up, walked in, and took a whole potted plant that had about a week left to go...Fucking cunts need to die.

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