Terrible News Bout A Good Friend Of Mine

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PIPSI, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. one of my best friends was caught last night by his mom his (*) step bro ratted him out so his mom confiscated his 2 pipes a half ounce of weed all his papers and lighters
    also his parents told him that is they caught him again then they would kick him out and make him go live w/ his dad

    his mom hates me now cuz she asked him who his friend sthat did it were and who he had been getting it from so him and i arent friends anymore

    i need to go smoke
  2. Parents have the right to do whats best for their kids...

    While you live under their roof, you should abide by their rules!

    It's tough but, thats the way it is!!!!
  3. Who cares if you're not friends with him anymore....what kind of a friend rats you out?
  4. yea man i know whut its like to lose a good friend couze of kron ...just couze a kid smokes weed doesent make him a bad kid i hate parents that arent open about weed.Thank god i have great parents

  5. True.
  6. I am a parent that is open minded about MJ.. My kids know everything...

    Some parents are scared to loose everything they have worked for..

    This happens alot even though the kids are the ones doing it and not the parents.. It is still ilegal in the USA.

  7. How is this whats best for your kid?
    Far as ive seen, this usually leads to rebellion and more problems. Unless theyre wicked fucking mommas boys and then start being like, my mom said i couldnt no more.

    EDIT: and i know its illegal, and can lead to trouble, but i still dont think thats the best way to go about it. The more they have to hide it from you (the parent) the more they have to go out where they can get caught by other people who dont give a shit about them. Im pretty sure its safer to be able to smoke in your own house than it is to be driving around the streets hitting a bowl because you dont want your mom to find you in your room.

  8. I'm not talking about what's the best for the kids.. I'm talking about parents loosing their homes and freedoms because kids smoking in their homes..

    The law says if your kid is doing illegal drugs in your house and you know, you are contributing to a minor as well as allowing illegal activities to take place.. In most case the parents loose their home and freedom.. They get jailed as well..

    Now tell me how parents loosing their homes over a kid using drugs is better for the kid.. The kid automatically becomes custody of the state or juvinile and all is lost...

    If a kid is found out of the home and off the property, Then the parents don't loose everything and they can at least help their kids out of trouble..


    I know this because I have bought houses and properties that were lost due to kids having drugs in the house and parents not knowing it... It's a shame for parents to loose so much because they are held in full responsibility for their childs actions!!!!

  9. The U.S of A can take your house, I might earn a few enemies by saying this but I hate this fucking corrupt to the core government.

  10. Agreed!!!!!! It's a night mare to know what all the gov can do if they want!!!!!!

    I just try and educate so people can avoid parents being busted or parents loosing all their stuff for a stupid reason!!!!!!
  11. Well, Bud man keep up the good work,lol
  12. If anyone's interested in asset forfeiture in the US, and how it's used in the "drug war":


  13. Yeah me too, My parents caught me with weed a number of times and they know all my friends smoke too. They said they can't choose my friends so I'm allowed to chill with them all the time. They just don't want me to smoke...like that's gonna happen though.
  14. yeah, lost a good friend over weed..

    thats whack

  15. My dad tokes with me and such, but I'm not allowed to smoke, grow, or sell pott in our apartment.(or I get kicked out) Im totally cool with this because it makes sense, we could get evicted if we are caught. Plus my dad is so fucking cool about everything else that I don't really care to go against him on such a small thing

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