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    I recently just received some hash. The hash is rock hard I rolled it up into a ball. You can actually bounce it like a bouncing ball and you can scrape your knuckles of it. I was going to upload a video of two different types of hashes but it looked stupid me bouncing two balls of hash comparing the difference. You have to hold a lighter over the bad hash for maybe five seconds for it to crumble. It was advertised as Amsterdam old school grade AAA+ but I don't want to smoke it incase it's adulterated or even stale. It also smells terrible. Has anyon ever came across this type of rock hard hash?
  2. Yep. It's adultered with diesel.
  3. How do you know it's adulterated with diesel? where did you get this hash from? It's still possible to get good hash that's just pretty solid.
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  4. Can't be 100% sure but I'm pretty sure. I'm from Ireland and all the hash we get over here is rock hard and made with the worst weed you can find. I've never got any good, nice or high quality hash over here. It tastes like diesel. But this hash tastes worse than the shit you can get over here.
  5. Moroccan hash is hard pressed and in the UK it is by far the most common.

    It ranges in quality and I have noticed the better stuff does tend to be softer but it always need a lighter to crumble it, unless you get something called sandy pollen but I'm not really sure why that stuff crumbles without a lighter.

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  6. Can only get soap bar over here. Have to get it from somewhere else if you want better hash and weed.

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