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TErrible experiance please help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by liljam0, May 26, 2010.

  1. ok so here is my life story with pot. during the 7th grade i was just starting to "smoke" ciggarettes but never inhaled..just did them because all my friends did. and you know id heard about weed and shit but never fucked with it cuz it was like i dont have time. so around 8th grade i was talking with some friends and we were gonne smoke on 420. my cousin has been selling for multiple years now and growing so i dont have a problem with getting pot..its everywhere where i live. so we got some decent mids and smoked in a friends garage..well ihad never learned to inhale so i didnt get high. i then started to sell it because it made sooo much money. but i was always dissapointed when my friends would smoke a joint of the weed i had sold them and they were all happy and stoned as shit and i jus wasnt about a year later im pretty big into selling..buying a quap and selling it within 2-3 days making 150+ profit because im not smoking..well a month or so after 9th grade i was with buddies all experianced stoners that smoke all day everyday and my buddy raised me a gb and it was pure yellow...(filled insanely tight with smoke) and i took it and it went straight to my right after that i was like holy shit and my eyes caved in and i got really thirsty and from then on it was a terrible experiance...pure paranoia...pure scare..everything jus scared the shit ouyt of me. i havent been high since then and i am now getting ready to start the 12th grade. i am sick of being stressed..i am bipolar and an insomniac andf i want weed to help me but im too nervous to try it again and have a bad excperiance...any ideas?
  2. you have such easy access to weed so just smoke a bowl of some mids you wont get that high at all see where your at and go from there its alright just chill :p
  3. Smoke again, by yourself. Don't *try* to get high. Just let it happen. Set up a scenario that would normally make you happy (TV, Video games, Music, etc.) and then just incorporate smoking with that. You will be fine
    Happy toking.
  4. you just took way too big of a hit for your first time. nothing special just try it again just with a spoon pipe or something small and just take small hits. youll be fine.
  5. You got too high for comfort probably... just take it slow, with a 5 minute break between hits. Then you can stop when you want to.
  6. i'm pretty sure you're not allowed to talk about dealing on this site but dude... i don't usually say this but... it's just weed
  7. Haha, bro, you sound like some stories i've heard. Some people jus aren't cut out for weed.
  8. o na dude im not dealing or fucking around with that anymore because i work 2 jobs now but i think another thing to the scenario was that about 10 minutes after my freakout my buddy walks in and says ur mummas coming in 10 minutes..and i had my friends mumma lie to my mumma so i ended up being able to stay till i was straight but i think that might affect it. i really hope im not cut out for weed because i have sooo much weed available all the time..nice strains normally and mids all the time. i jus have alot of shit like insomnia adhd bipolar...i have intense problems with anger and stress and i dont want to keep taking prescribtion medicines.
  9. Weed will relieve your anger and stress... Trust me
  10. You are REALLY overthinking this whole thing man.

    1.) Get a glass spoon
    2.) Load a bowl of mids
    3.) Take a hit, wait a minute, take a hit, rinse and repeat
    4.) Grab some chips and put on your favorite show

    It will change your life.
  11. This ^
  12. I remember it took me a few times to get stoned (but I was actually inhaling), and once I finally did get high I had a laughing fit for like 5 straight minutes over nothing.

    Not as scary as your experience but I was paranoid as fuck and it was intense. You can't just quit then and there because you had a bad experience you got to find your limit and grow on it. And you WILL have bad highs from time to time youve just got to deal with it. No big deal.

    However I dunno even if you should be smoking if youve got heaps of mental/anxiety problems.
  13. the only mental problems i have all deal from too much anger and stress...if i was in a state where marijuana was decriminalized i could get a license for 10 different disorders without a question but i jus am really anxious and nervous..should i do it at home or at another safe placE?

  14. Wait til you have the house to yourself for a few hours and toke up in the bathroom or something bro.
  15. Sorry to hear your first experience sucked, ive seen worse though lol. Yeah like everyone else says you just smoked too much, my buddy hit a milky grav bong his first time and said the same thing as you.

    Just get a glass pipe, nothing special, and smoke a bowl or two or three. Your worries will wash away while you anger disintegrates. Put on a good tv. show grab some munches and just fuckin chill!
  16. i dont understand not inhaling
    not only with this thread but the presidents who admit to smoking weed but saying they didn't inhale.
    If u don't inhale then what are you doing?
    When they say inhale does that mean into your lungs or just like in general
    im so confused lol

  17. People like OP don't inhale because they are nervous or haven't been properly instructed.

    Presidents just straight fucking lie.
  18. HOLEEE SHIT ANOTHER BIPOLAR 11th grader. What the hell did yall kids parents do to ya? How many fuckers here call themselves bipolar for no good reason? Shit when I was growing up no one was bipolar [ we smoked dope to get high. Not some made up BS medical reason] or the ones that were were real nut jobs. Is that shit something to be proud of? Or just seeking a little attention.

    18 and in the 10th grade, dude you don't need no weed, you need a job.

    Yea I sound like a dick, but it's called reality. Carry on w/ your pity party.
  19. Ok that's young, and I hope you fucking didn't inhale those cigs! (You're not supposed to)

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