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Terrible dealer depreciation thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeamLemke420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. #1 TeamLemke420, Nov 16, 2011
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    I have had a bunch of loony/horrible dealers.

    I'll tell about my first weird dealer first. He was one of my very first dealers, and was an awesome Jamaican dude. The weird part was (this one is actually more awesome) every-time I saw him he had a blunt in his mouth. Now this may not seem that weird but I have bought from him 100's of times and even his mom would have a blunt. Even when he was driving around he would have a blunt.

    I guess that is the Jamaican norm LOL:smoke:

    And the reason he sucks is that he sold 2 grams of dirt for $20.

    Now this isn't exactly a terrible dealer... but I have a few stories about my worst dealers coming soon.

    Everyone post your bad/weird dealer stories here.
  2. Having a blunt all day err day=depreciation? I appreciate that guys existence personally myself
  3. Like I said this one wasn't bad, just kind of funny.
  4. Must be a rough life for that guy.
  5. Why did you make a terrible dealer thread and then talk about a chill jamaican who smokes blunts 24/7?

    the fuck.....

  6. He only sold shitty shwag for high prices.
  7. thats funny as shit dude... haha yeah i bet them jamacians have such high tolerance as soon as they put the blunt down theyre not high no more. i wonder if he rolls the next blunt while smoking the current one, or after its gone? or maybe he just rolls like 50 every few days. i bet a jamacian who smokes that many blunts can roll one up in like 10 seconds, package to first hit. ive never had a horrible dealer, but my first one would be dry for a few days every once in awhile and once he sold me a bunch of chopped up stems as $10 worth of bud. and another time he gave me .3 as a gram but i called him out and he gave me a legit gram.
  8. I've paid $30 for a 'half bag' of 'dank' from a scumbag who's addicted to pills and likes ripping high school kids off. The part that pissed me off even more was when my 'friend' who had hooked me up got back in the car he tossed the plastic bag that was tied into a ball with .7-.8 of mids in it at me and it hit me in the face.

    Never felt that much disrespect in a hook up. Needless to say I'll never let that happen to myself again.

    You just have to find the right dealer who takes care of you. Ever since my new dealer has started selling again I've never bought off anyone else.
  9. My main dealer's the shit. My delivery dude is a slow ass motherfucker lol. This guy says he'll be there at 8 and doesn't show up until like 11. He's been getting real Sour Diesel lately though, love it. I don't really like SOMA'S NYCD too much. I mean, it's great bud, but it's not what I think of when I hear Sour Diesel. Rez's ECSD puts it to shame. It's like a fuel tank spilled in your room... And it tastes delicious lol.
  10. mine stole my bong :/

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