Terri Schiavo’s family criticized Family Guy

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  1. As we know that family guy always made fun of celebrities in their own way but this time they are criticized for the satire they made on Terri Schiavo's death in one of the recent Family Guy Episodes. Terri's family now started a campaign against the producer of this show. I think they are in deep trouble now.
  2. They are going up against multi-billion dollar lawyers for Fox/Adult Swim (which ever one picks it up).
    There is no way they will win. I personally thought it was hilarious, but then again I'm a sick bastard. They are the ones that caused the whole world to laugh at them for being so trivial to let someone sit in a vegetable state. You know how many people that caused to run directly to their wills and make sure that shit doesn't happen to them?
  3. I feel like before Family Guy did controversial jokes for the sake of humor, now they do it just for the sake of being controversial and stirring up buzz.
  4. kinda like south park?

    1st amendment done deal
  5. yeah the show is starting to just be annoying and offensive
    not funny offensive, just offensive
  6. I'm proud to say I haven't watched Family Guy in several months. However, Everyone Loves Raymand is no better. Every episode is the same. Raymond lies, gets busted and says he's sorry. In fact I changed my entire TV viewing habits.
  7. Yeah, there just aren't too many good sitcoms on anymore, animated or real life. It's sad because I grew up watching the Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, etc, and today there's shit they call sitcoms like Two and Half Men. I swear, I could watch that show baked off my ass and not laugh once, it's so bad. What is TV coming to?
  8. i thought arrested development was amazing, too bad it only lasted 3 seasons tho
  9. I'm still sad that The Wire ended. :(
  10. :laughing: in trouble for what? there arent any laws against making fun of dead people AFAIK.

    Family of Terri Schiavo calls for FOX to end "The Family Guy" after parody | Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota | WTSP.com 10 Connects

    With the five-year anniversary of Terri Schiavo's death just a week away, her family is taking on the FOX Broadcast Company after "Family Guy" lampooned the controversial saga in its Mar. 21 episode.

    The popular animated show opened Sunday night's episode with "Terri Schiavo: The Musical." It mocked Schiavo's diagnosed "persistent vegetative state" as well as the legal battles that plagued the final 15 years of her life.

    "We have ignored these types of things before," said Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, of other parodies. "But we felt this time, we just could not ignore just because how highly offensive and how much it denigrated my sister."

    Schindler and his family's Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation are calling upon FOX to stop supporting a show that "display(s) prejudice towards people with cognitive disabilities."

    "I wish the general public wasn't watching this show, because if they weren't watching it, it wouldn't be aired," said Schindler. "So ultimately, the responsibility falls upon us to not tolerate these types of programs that do nothing but hurt and offend."

    A press release from the foundation also suggests sponsors boycott the program.

    Schindler said regardless of whether someone thought Schiavo's feeding tube should have been removed back in March 2005, he or she should still find The Family Guy episode offensive.

    "In my opinion," he continued, "this is a form of hate speech. There's other ways to make people laugh. This certainly isn't one of them."

    Fucking assholes trying to play the "hate speech" and "prejudice" bullshit cards...they're jokes, get the fuck over it. Who are these people to tell us what jokes we can/can't hear? If you don't like the show, don't watch it. There is no "hate" nor "prejudice," if there were then Family Guy would have made fun of Schiavo as a person, not just "the most expensive vegetable you've ever seen." On that quote, what exactly is wrong or hateful or prejudiced about it? She was clinically a vegetable, and it costs a LOT of money to keep someone like that alive. Therefore, since she was a vegetable, and was more expensive than any other kind of vegetable could possibly be, she's truly, "the most expensive vegetable you've ever seen." If you don't like the joke that's fine, but don't try to attack a show that I find funny, just because you don't! She's dead and that's sad but we still have the freedom to make fun of her situation. Make fun of me when I'm dead all you want, I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with it...
  11. I know this isn't really related, but there was a long running joke in my old dorm where people would call getting shit-faced drunk getting "Schiaved." They were going to make shirts, but it must have never panned out.

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