Terraria (Minecraft+RPG)

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  1. This game in development looks like what Minecraft could have been.
    Lots of minecraft players hate it though because they were born after 2D
    graphics and can't comprehend the pure awesomeness that is Terraria.
    Terraria - Coming soon!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGo7iMUcxLc]YouTube - Terraria Gameplay Trailer[/ame]
  2. I just got this game yesterday and it is amazing, sad that more of the GC community doesn't
    know about this shit.
    Any other blades appreciate this amazing game?
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCvJwtPE60s]YouTube - Terraria bloodmoon[/ame]
  3. How did you get the game? I was following it for a while but completely forgot about it till I saw this thread. Game looks fun as hell.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Check out the description of my video to find out where to get the game.
  5. Just got the game last night, worth the $10 no doubt, need more blades so we can get a server going.
  6. I got the steam release as well, i'm down for playing a Grasscity server if someone with
    a stronger computer (or two) can host a server with hamachi.
  7. can you play this game on a real shitty laptop
  8. Define shitty, but a friend of mine plays it fine on a very old, crappy dell desktop. It's not CPU/GPU intensive at all.
  9. my laptop's graphic card has been malfunctioning, it's even hard to play graphic-intensive flash games. last time i remember i tried playing roller coaster tycoon 1 on this and it crashed constantly/bluescreen'd
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    It would run on a shitty laptop but you need a graphics card to play because its XNA so if your computer has shitty integrated then the game will not run for you. My friend's netbook doesn't
    play it due to this.
  11. My friend is using integrated, works fine.

    Going to be putting up a server around 3-4pm EST today, steams gotta be a whore and pause downloads while playing. Until they fix the terraria MP issues, going to be using hamachi. It will be up pretty much 24/7, only when I shut off my PC which is a couple times a week, until my friend can host it on his dedicated.

    Hamachi Info-

    Password: Fire

    Game is hosted under HPRC(, server password is also fire.
  12. I joined the new Hamachi and I'm ready to keep gaming with you, HPRC.

    Also, if anyone wants to hit me up on STEAM, my ID is: tehcthulhu
  13. ok i bought it, steam is 'koolkake'
  14. I joined the hamachi server, i kept putting in Grasscity and Fire but the name was terraria-grasscity and fire had no caps. You should fix the password in your post.
  15. If someone can run a server we should have a Grasscity Terraria event where we all get new characters and start a server at a predetermined time. We can use the existing Hamachi server.
  16. i been playing the tarraria, gawd dayum those maps is sprawling.....I played for like 5 hours this after noon mining all over the place and when I loaded my progress into the map viewer I had barely made a dent lol.

    good lord that was atrocious grammar...good thing im stoned.
  17. thinking about getting this..
  18. i can run a server in the UK if anybody wants to play some.

    i've been monged out playing this for the past like 4 hours. So much more depth than minecraft.
  19. Looks pretty sweet but how big of a part of the game is building stuff? I can't put up with that. I like the idea of dungeons and sidescrollers, though.
  20. You build if you like building, you can make a few simple houses for npcs to move into but if you don't like building stuff at all then you can just go explore, kill shit and mine.

    The game is up on a certain site about a bay of swashbuckling dudes if you catch my urination.

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