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Terms to use in a head shop?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barbaricmarek, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey grasscity, long time lurker here, first time poster.

    Everyone knows that you don't go into the shop and straight up ask where their bongs are, but what are some other terms, if I would want to buy, say, a downstem, or bowl?

    I'd never heard these things called anything other than that until today, where I heard "perfume funnel" for the downstem and "salt funnel" for the bowl.

    Is that really what you have to ask for? I just thought it was strange because I've never heard those terms before.

    If you have any others I'd love to hear them too.

  2. Just do not mention weed, bud, grass, cannabis, marijuana or thc. You smoke a raw substance substance and look for labels. Be honest that you don't know anything, they will help you.
  3. when in doubt, just refer to everything as a piece. Bong is a waterpipe, almost everything else is a pipe or hand pipe.
  4. yea i say piece a looot and never gotten any issues. bowl, downstem, tube, beaker, bubble bottom are others which are usually fine, ive never heard the funnel statement before. also watch what the workers/owners say and what terms they use, ive been asked before "are you looking for a flower or concentrates?", and used it from time to time.
  5. Typically when I go to a headshop in my state, I'm not allowed to use the terms bowl or bong cause of their supposed link to cannabis, so I call bongs--water pipes, bowls (for bongs)--slides, and hand held bowls--pipes.
    I have gone to different states though where the shop owners called them bowls instead of slides or pipes, so it really depends on the state you're in, so just learn the language of your state.  
  6. Thanks guys, sorry, I forgot about this.
    Last time I just said I was interested in a piece out front and that worked, I just wanted to know what you guys say.
  7. you should say bong a lot and put your finger to your ear like you are listening to an earpiece...ask where to find the best marijuanas in town. :)
  8. Ehh chinnoo how you doin? Where u keep the flower runners? I need 4 senioritos and a big muchacho to burn the river of souls.

    And good deals on papers? Yes gimme those "bible wraps".

    All I know so far

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