Terminator 4

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  1. Greetings,

    Maybe this can undo some of the damage caused by that Schwarzenegger fiasco a couple years back. The piece of shit that call itself "Terminator 3"

    I'd actually pay money to see this.

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  2. Man, how many more films are they going to make? Beating a dead horse IMO. I think I'll pass on this one.
  3. Well, the actual narrative has changed completely, only the premise remains the same.

    I like post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies, so this appeals to me.
  4. Yeah, I suppose. I'll wait for the reviews. Cheers.
  5. If they keep it a sci fi futuristic war move they'll be fine.. if they try to make it all about the T800 then it'll bomb harder than the Falcon 1 (blew up 2:30 min into low earth orbit today). From what I've seen it's going to be a sweet movie.
  6. agreed
  7. Terminator 3 never happened. Neither did the Batman with nipples movies.

    Anyways, in the previews it looked good. I saw T2 in the theaters, one of the BEST movies EVER.
  8. Righteous, I feel the same way.
  9. I would actually be excited for this movie if McG wasn't directing.
  10. He sure doesn't seem to have much of an impressive resume... but I mean director's works can change.

    Look at Oliver Stone, he's made some beauties and some real heaps of shit. I'm reserving judgment... the teaser looks promising to me.
  11. I'll probably give this one a watch. I enjoyed the new Rambo too. This looks promising though.
  12. well..im a big fan of christian bale, so i most likely will watch it..just not in theaters
  13. Batman VS. Robots...yeah I´ll probably see it xD
  14. i hate terminator, its laammee
  15. Any other day and any other director I would agree with you, except with McG. The guy is a Hollywood pocket boy, along with Ratner and Bay. The studios turn to them to churn out glitzy looking summer blockbusters because that is what they do. They are Film School bottom runners that get fancy expensive cameras to fuck around with and a huge budget to burn, and then all the glitz and mistakes are edited in post production and slathered with CGI.

    It isn't real film-making, it isn't film making at all. What these directors churn out is an abomination to everything that is Cinema. Yes, movies should entertain. But they should do it intelligently. Don't treat your audience like they are stupid by giving them a paper thin story wrapped around action set pieces and over exposition.

    Have these directors also only ever heard of a crane and aerial shots? When was the last time you watched a Michael Bay movie and didn't see a shot that costs millions of dollars. He crack outs helicopters, cranes and steady-cams to film a guy walking into the bathroom. Ever heard of a tracking shot? Dolly shot? Swoop pan? How about your shot scales? Not everying needs to be shot in Long and Extreme Long. It is a nice change to view something from a few feet away ever once in awhile, instead of having to squint a mile to see anything.

    McG is the same. The studios say jump, and he asks "How high?".
  16. And that is just a shame. I guess the younger generation has not caught on with the Terminator series like we did. Terminator is perhaps one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time (even if the entire plot rests firmly on a time paradox). The acting, story telling and directing was all on top form, especially for its time.

    Then you have T2. That giant juggernaut of a movie. You watch that movie today and it still feels crisp and new today, even the FX. And the movie is 17 years old! Terminator 2 revolutionized the way Hollywood blockbusters are made.

    But then again, you do have Terminator 3 which was just a lame cash in on the Terminator story.

    I think this new Terminator movie can be very interesting with its setting and how the plot can play out. I even have faith in the script just because Jonathan Nolan got his hands on it (though no one knows to what degree)... but McG was not the right man to direct this movie. For months after this movie was announced, I was saying that the man to bring the Terminator vision back to true form was Timur Bekmambetov (the director of Wanted and the Night Watch movie).

    I think he could have brought us something fresh and new that would completely work with the way this script should go, but instead we get McG.... style over substance coating every frame.
  17. I have yet to see either 1, 2 or 3, so its not likely that I will watch this one.

  18. Why are idiots who either hate the series or have never seen any of the movies even bothering to post in this thread?
  19. Because it's called expressing your opinion. You might want to give it a whirl in the future.
  20. Terminator 2 is so fucking ill; I can't believe that came out in 91. So advanced for its time...better than the first IMO. Never saw 3 OR the Sarah Connor Chronic-les either and don't really want to.

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