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  1. I was drinking tequila last night with some friends and for some reason, we all seemed to get drunk quicker than normal and I ended up puking after five or six shots, while everyone else was just incredibly drunk. Do you guys also feel more drunk after drinking tequila than you do with other 80 proof drinks?
  2. Alcohol is alcohol so not really...
  3. some people just cant drink tequila. i think its a different drunk. i loooovve it, patron is my shit.
  4. my first time drinkin tequila was the same way, one kid took 11-12 shots and i took 7 and i could hardly walk on my own, throwin up and shit. He had to help me walk. but at the same time i do have a low tolerance...
  5. Tequila will take you places you've never been

    And hell yea, Patron is my shit. It's like the grey goose of tequila.
  6. Yeh boy, Patron IS the grey goose of tequila's. Good call.
  7. I love some Tequila, I just bought a bottle of Jose Cuervo Citron for $20.99 a fifth, it tastes like limes with a hint of tequila, not too strong at all. Patron is where its at though.
  8. i get a different kind of "drunk" from vodka
    its more intense and sometimes more fun, but i have aboslutley no idea what happened the previous night when i drink tequila
  9. You couldn't be more wrong. Anyone who knows their drink will tell you that gin gives you a different drunk than vodka, as does tequila, beer, etc. Every type of alcohol is unique. That's like saying different strains of bud don't give you a different high, or at the very least, the difference between sativa and indica.

    Guarantee you won't get the same drunk from beer as sake(sp?).
  10. i love tequila but when i want to get drunk i turn to the Sailor Jerry's. that shit has 45% alcohol. rum with 45% and only $14 a bottle.

  11. hell yeah sake gets you fucked up on a different kind of drunk. specially the habu sake.
  12. http://www.mccormickdistilling.com/vodka

    $12 a GALLON ***** :D
  13. ya man, 80 proof isnt just 80 proof. tequila gets you way more fucked. now maybe its cause you take the shots so quick normally, but it just get everyone so crazy. it cannot be explained, its just what happens what you drink tequila.
  14. I hate tequila....fuck it

  15. QFT,,,,,
  16. Fuck tequila....that shit burns waaay too much
  17. HAHA, I remember that shit, that happened a while ago I miss those days. I had to drive your car home and I was on like 12 shots so i was swerving and shit, and you took 7 shots and were way more fucked up then me. Gotta love stumbling across the yard in front of your parents and saying "mommmmn im nod tdrunk"
  18. Goddamn you guys are overdoing it with 11 shots, fuck! Tequila is very potent alcohol. I love me some Tequila when I wanna get drunk. Some limon and salt is all you need.
  19. Beer makes me happy, horny drunk.

    Vodka makes me angry, belligerent drunk.

    Tequila makes me run into walls and soil myself.
  20. Tequila my favorite fuckin alcohol! SHit is just too damn good! I usually top out at 11 to 13 shots, anymore than that and I puke :p

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