Tequila DOES make your clothes fall off *fairly epic*

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    Last night, I had a "party" in my room in residence.

    Bought a 40oz of Sauza Gold Tequila for the occasion. I tripped out because I was baked walking to the LCBO with my friends, and a group of people were crowded around an old lady, who was like screaming, in pain, as she had fallen and broken her hip. Finding shot glasses was a bitch. Zellers was out, The Bay was out, JYSK didn't have any... Two women who worked at The Bay refused to sell me them because of me wearing my orientation bracelet.

    Finally got them at Benix. My friend broke one before we even drank, and cut his hand. Oh joy.

    ANYWAYS, we got back to res and I realized... that we needed fucking salt. So I ran at top speed to the student centre, went to the pub and stole packets of salt, seeing as the cafeteria was closed.

    After the run back, I was nice and sweaty. This, ladies and gents, is where I believe it began. I removed my shirt and wiped off my sweaty body. I put a clean shirt on afterwards, but was still very gross and hot.

    We started pouring shots into the glasses, which held 1.5oz. After my second shot, my three friends left to go see Marianas Trench play at the park next door. So, my roommate and I start taking more shots. He decided that everytime he was knifed while playing Team Fortress 2, he would take a drink. I reached about 6 before I took a break. At this point I was drunk. Instead of retelling the story, I will name off a list of shenanigans that occurred.

    - A girl told me to take my clothes off. I obliged.
    - I consumed the equivalent of 15 shots of tequila.
    - I ran down the hallway in my boxers, where I was caught by my RA.
    - I smoked weed and got the spins, but never puked.
    - I spilled booze all over my roommate.
    - Freaked out and cried, thinking I was in trouble.
    - Thought I lost my laser mouse, and started accusing people of stealing it (found it behind my desk).
    - Spilled water on my phone.
    - Proclaimed to my soph that I was the biggest stoner in res.
    - Brushed my teeth at the end of the night.
    - Met a guy from Haiti.

    This is why drinking is just the shit. I don't remember any of that happening, ever. But, in the end, it was a good night. My sophs came in and had to calm me down. Apparently it took 2 hours to do so. I kicked everyone out, and just went beserk. Then I passed right the fuck out. I rock.:rolleyes:

    I awoke to find things out of place, and messy. There was a box of cereal in my room as well. I felt like absolute shit when I got up, and smoked a couple of bowls, and now it's all good. Can't wait for next week's tequila party!
  2. hahaha Sounds like you had a great time. Tequila can either be very fun, or very bad. usually, its very fun!
    Blacking out and fighting people FTW!:smoke:
  3. Sounds like one hell of a time! :hello: Personally I can't stand not remembering stuff so getting totally shitfaced like that just isn't for me.
  4. You sound like a freshman that had a few people in your dorm and couldn't handle your booze.
  5. this is precisely why i dont drink and dont understand why people do. to make a complete asshat out of yourself? wooot, good going dude
  6. haha yeah crazy shit happens in dorm room parties.. nothing to do other than binge drink. campus cops didn't show up so sounds like a good night!

  7. yeah no shit....you ran down the hallway of your dorm in boxers?
  8. Just because someone drinks does not mean they black out everytime. I drink, but I also know when to stop so I won't be doing stupid shit like OP.
  9. took the words right out of my mouth, you needed someone to come in to your room to calm you down? was there lsd in that bottle of tequila or something?
  10. Ah, Freshers week. Glad to see you're taking full advantage of the college lifestyle man :)

    PS Did everything turn out ok with your mom in the end?
  11. I thought it was pretty fucking halarious.

    All the dumbass's in this thread hating; the whole point to drinking is to not feel in control. Stop hating because he drank more than he should, to the point of blacking out.

    P.S. check for urine - when I black out, I pee everywhere.
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    Fuck all of you assholes who say I can't handle my booze. I didn't puke. You take 15 shots and come find me, fuckheads.

    Oh, and it turns out that I had pants on, I was just shirtless. I don't always drink this much; in fact, I hate it... I just said "fuck it, it's O-week". Any of you in my position would have drank as well. It's fucking college. Chill out, tightwads.

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  13. you sound like a 16 year old that thinks he knows everything
  14. for real, freshman year in the dorms was hella tight
  15. 15 shots isn't even that much though, it's only like a little more than a mickey.
  16. It's more than anyone else drank that was there.

    And I did them in a very short period of time. It was like, an hour and a half tops. Plus, as I said, smoked weed, and I was informed I also had a mixed drink; vodka of sorts.

    Waaaay too much.
  17. To be honest, I'd be ridiculously embarrassed of that happened to me, OP. I can't stand making a complete ass of myself in front of people.
  18. Hey, it was embarrassing as hell.

    But at one time or another, everyone will go through this.
  19. Tequila always makes me want to do illegal things for some reason. Sounds like you had a good night dude.
  20. dude the last time I drank tequila I fucking woke up behind the god damn taco bell 2 miles from my dorm.

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