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  1. Whats a decent grow tent to get and also carbon filter with it
  2. Viagrow makes some kick ass tents..brand I use. Cheap tents work...had one but they lack some frills the expensive ones have. Like proper sized holes, double flaps to keep lights out, high quality zippers.

    Go to htgsupply.com for filters.
  3. I picked up my fan and filter from htg, and have been happy with them so far. If you dont mind ebay, buy from them on there. I got my fan for $10 less than their site with free shipping, and the filter was about $20 less, and free shipping. Pay attention to their auctions though, they will list the same products at different prices, some with shipping charges, some without. Both of mine I got using buy it now, and they were at my house in three days.

    Those viagrow tents are reasonably priced rhapsody. The one I looked at said it came with a 4" flange, would it be any problem to change that to a 6"? My next grow I'll definitely be getting a tent, my closet is a bit too small for what I want.
  4. Is growlab a good product
  5. Dude Growlabs shit looks hella sick.... been looking at it.... But I cant decided and I would rather have a bigger one then something I would need to hide....
  6. Im lookin to spend 250
  7. secret jardin imo , love em.
  8. Yeah I see them but I didnt rly look into them much imma have to check em out
  9. Go to local Hydro shop....

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