1. Does a tent block out all light from the outside. I would like to leave the door open to the room where my tents are or better circulation but I’m worried about when my lights are out light coming in from the hallway

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  2. The best imo is keep your tent closed all the time .
    Keep a negative air pressure inside the tent , keep the lower vents close because fungi and insect levels are worse closer to the ground .
    Have good ventilation .
    main reason to use a tent is light control
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  3. use a green light bulb in the hall and in the room you are at

    you maybe won't read but you can still see where you gear is at

    plants don't see green light I was once told

    good luck
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  4. There is studies saying green light spectrum make the plant heathier .
    I think its a must to spray for insects and PM is to have the grow lights off making green lighting a must .
    And you are correct green light spectrum doesn't wake up the plants .
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  5. Yes a grow tent is designed to contain and block out light only ..
    Other then that tents are not air tight .
    only places you can get light leaking in is the vents and zippers.
    That's why they're is flaps over the zippers ..
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