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  1. If I was to but a tent what tent should I buy. I'm looking for something medium size at least 6/7ft in height and 4/5ft wide. Also I need something that's strong and durable & most of all productive.
  2. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/141121579195?nav=SEARCH ( cheap one , 1.2x1.2m is 4x4ft )

    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/291411104052?nav=SEARCH (quality , size 5x5 ft )

    Depends on your budget, all pretty strong (easily holds lights ,fans ,filters without any signs of weight added to the bars) , mylar is 5% more reflective than white white lined tents, cheap tents usually star to fall apart after a year or so ( broken zips , stitching coming undone ect, ) honestly though a tent is simply there to create a separate controlled environment and to concentrate the light in the area being used (no wasted light ) ,

    If your concerned about smell I'd buy a named brand tent like the secret jardin I put up , or bud box ,
  3. You ever heard of gorrila grow tents ?
  4. I have 3 tents, all were the cheapest I could find for their size at £50 each. I have had them a few years and they have been taken down, moved, and set up a few times and they still look brand new.
    If you are running an HPS with air cooled hood then look for a tent that has a vent on both sides at the top. This way you can suck air from one side and blowing through the hood and straight back out without mixing with smelly air. This will preserve the life of your carbon filter, and you can then get away with a smaller exhaust fan and  smaller filter.
    2 of my tents have 2 doors that zip up the middle and across the top and bottom. These are much better than my other one that has 1 zip that goes round in almost a circle at the front. The one zip door is really annoying.
    all my tents have mesh panels at the bottom allowing air to come in. 2 of the tents have light proof flaps on the inside that when air sucks through the mesh vent the flaps pull away allowing air to come through. This design works really well. My 1 other tent has the flaps on the outside so when the air sucks through it sucks the flaps closed. This is a terrible design. You have to Velcro them up, but because of this you may as well cut the flaps off because they have no purpose
    1 of my tents has metal corner pieces, I thought these would be better than the plastic ones that my other two have but they are no different. If anything was going to give way it would be the lengths, not the corner pieces and these are the same in all 3 of my tents 
  5. Whatever tent you go for, it's worth installing some rigid wire mesh panels on top of the skeleton to make the whole thing a lot more stable and it also allows you to hang lights, fans, and pin cables to wherever you want 
  6. That is an absolutely fantasic idea! I never even though about beefing up the top support bars like that. I will be doing that as soon as my current harvest is done.
  7. I love this forum.... but if you don't mind could give me the supplies I should go with I would really appreciate it.
  8. Yes I have heard of gorilla tents , good quality as far as I'm aware, I myself have two tents , using neither as no room in the house so I'm in the attic in a diy grow room , gold grower has some very good ideas as well as some top advice towards picking a tent , iv never had one with one zip arching around but can see the design flaw in it , I found the same probs with the flaps on the outside so I donated that tent to my bro.

    Gold grower has a ton of knowledge and useful advice , I like to lurk in his threads as i always learn something new (like i have in the posts on this thread)

    Here's the lady's btw WP_20150412_00_12_25_Pro.jpg WP_20150412_00_12_36_Pro.jpg WP_20150412_00_12_42_Pro.jpg WP_20150412_00_12_48_Pro.jpg

    And a shot of the room WP_20150412_00_13_20_Pro.jpg
    Thanks for the kind words man. Those plants look awesome, great colour to them, you must have the nutrients spot on 
    Are you from the UK? I would only be able to give you links for the UK 
    Thanks man, I'm surprised more people don't do it. I think I'm the only one lol. It makes it so much easier to hang stuff 
  12. No problem pal only speaking the truth . I learned allot of all the UK lads , and nice one Loki turned me to plant magic (canna was shit , well there soil anyways , what reely pissed me off was opening a bag of seed mix "new and improved" to get a face full of gnats ) plant magics the boy though got a cal def but can't find my magnecal as I've changed the attic around to create a perpetual grow space,aiming to harvest every 3weeks but first will probly be 5/6week after the first while I finish up creating the space .
  13. I wish I was from the UK I'm from US.
  14. I'm sure! I need to hit up home depot or something to grab some to strap on mine. Just one of many improvements to add in after this grow. Haha
  15. how big is your grow room & your girls look beautiful.
  16. I use agromax medium. I like it. Good quality

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  17. The room in the pics is 4ft x6ft which will be the flower room with 2 x 600w hids , constructing a 3ft x 4ft veg room atm which will have a 400w hid , also got a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft box to root cuttings in which will have fluorescent lighting. Looking to keep 6-8 in flower 4 in veg and as many clones possible as I've been going a bit wild on the feed the birds movement this year , over 300 clones and 150 seeds planted within a 100 mile radius so far , and them numbers are increasing every 7-9 days 8^D.

    Thanks for the props , you will be growing some great looking lady's yourself soon enough
  18. I have had great luck with my agromax tent. After having a cheap amazon tent break and cause all kinds of destruction I wont use any tents have that cheap plastic frame pieces.

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