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  1. Due to certain issues i have to move out of my 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom apartment. Heres my problem. I lost my grow room. So I'm looking at a few different tents online. Hard to really believe statements made by the manufacturer.

    Ok getting to the point. I want to keep growing but now I don't have a whole room dedicated to growing. So for the price. Whats the best tent? I believe u guys over any manufacturer anyday
  2. I'm in the market for a good tent as well, from what I've seen online and in forums Secret Jardin are pretty good. Agromax are shit.
    Not a ton of help I know but it's what I gots.
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    Secret Jardins are good. I use a 4.5 x 4.5 agromax and it works great for me. Not sure where the person above me got the idea they are "shit".The only downside is the hardware duct adapters rather than using socks like the jardin. Other than that they are quite sturdy and well designed.

    Do not buy the cheap ebay tents that use plastic connectors. My first tent was a 4 x 4 tent from amazon / led wholesellers. The cheap plastic roof support broke, which is a common problem with cheap tents. It caused my filter and almost my light to land on a tray of seedlings. Both the tents above use only metal parts and are much better made.
  4. I'd say secret jardin or grow lab, I love my grow lab.
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    I have a secret jardin dr120, its a 4x4x6.5' tent, i really like it! It has very good zippers, thick material, and its going to last

    So for my vote, get a secret jardin :)
  6. This is our first grow and we use the Secret Jardin DR90 3x3x6 tent for a 400w 4 plant scrog setup.
    Harvested one of the Deadhead OG girls last Friday and am harvesting a Blue Mystic girl tonight.
    We also have an Agromax tent as well for veg and it works just fine but I don't like the 'flange' requirement and the zipper placements.
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  7. Thanks guys

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