Tents Anyone?????

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  1. I am doing a couple tent grows because I like a tent, what can I say. I rigged these things up to kick ass and I think it will be a fun grow. I am going to use Bubba Kush due to its vertical restriction, i think it will top out at the perfect size in a tent UC setup. And I am also using DIY undercurrent systems on hard wood floors, this is very brave of me as I am known to make it rain inside the home with the occasional flood. But it will be different this time, lol. I am going to use GH Lucas formula with all of thier add on products as I am trying to burn up the rest of thier stuff before I switch entirely to Advanced Nutrients as they are the easiest thing on the planet, and as I do this longer.....i like easy lol. This is gonna be a fun fkn grow, I can feel it. The dual blue and red bulbs in the magnums are a 600 watt sunpulse 2.8k and a 600 watt Holtilux Super HPS. In the big tent I have 2 x 600 watt sunpulse bulbs and a 1k Hortilux Super HPS. I am rigged for cold CO2 with a closed loop on my lights, using house AC which is more than enough for my needs. Using a 1/4 HP Eco Plus Chiller on the 12 bucket uc and thinking about a 1/10 on the 8 bucket in the 4x4 tent. The third frame in the room is a 40x40 inch tent that I am going to load up with some soil green crack and a 600 digi. Now on with the show.

    PS: If you are a tent lover u must subscribe lol. I am gonna rock these fuckin things!

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  2. Looks good man, hope you do well.
  3. Loaded up and ready to go, so begins week one. I got my scuba steve on and invested in more tanks. I am excited about this fucking jungle of kush I am about to rock out. This isnt my first time in tents either so it should be a fun gro. I know that Advanced Nutrients will take care of all healtrh/plant issues so I will just mainly be focusing on humidity and temp. Right now I am at an air temp of 74 F / 50% RH / 1300 PPM.

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