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  1. Hi, I bought a 60x60x160 cm tent with this light "Kit 250 – 400W HPS/MH" will it work for 4x White Widow autoflower plants in 11L pots?

    I don't plan on doing lst.
  2. Tight but OK ...
    a tent at 1200(4ft) is a better option even with just 4 WW plants need space
    a hps at 250w is at absolute minimal as its more heat than light
    a 600w is far better even if it can be turned down to 400w

    So Id double your current needs

    good luck
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  3. That size will be just enough for one good white widow auto. 60x60 is about the size one plant gets. 250w will be enough.
  4. Did you buy a blower to blow through the light ? The hps lights are toaster ovens .
  5. That tent is pretty short to run autos without training. I would probably go with one and train it out to better use your space. More plants does not always make more flower. Within reason, once the footprint of your space is full of flowering canopy, adding more plants that will each have a smaller canopy doesn’t generally increase yield much if at all. I have been known to cram lots of girls in small spaces, but that is when I am looking for variety. If I am doing a single-strain grow, I shoot for as few plants as possible while still filling the space. Good luck on your grow. Cheers

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