Tent Too hot, need here an idea with Portable air conditioner

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  1. Hello folx i really need here an idea to cool down my tent.
    I try with fan from outside the tent with Aluminum Ducting to pushing new air from outside the tent to inside. new air definitely going in, but its way too hot, around 33c with 32% humidity.
    I got a Portable air conditioner (add photo) and i want to connect this with Aluminum Ducting that will go directly inside the tent but cannot came with idea.
    About the humidity i got cold steam device so i i think on that case i have solutions.
    how can i made the air from my air conditioner to go inside my tent size 6°.

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  2. Looks like all you need is a longer piece of flex ducting and maybe some foil tape or some other method to keep it against the ac. The tent should have holes for the duct or you’ll have to make some. Or best case might be ac unit in the tent and ducting going out

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  3. Heya partner, If you're already in an air conditioned room you can use this vent technique I drummed up. No external air needed! Just requires proper evactuation.
    The Perfect Tent Ventilation Technique.

    If your plants are not in an AC zone then you will definitely need that. You may have to fashion some kind of small box around that AC unit head, cut a circle, then attach the ducting, otherwise the pressure won't be very good coming out. I thought about this once and worried about the humidity within the box. That cold air could produce frost, water, and other factors with something laying directly on the blower. Are you using a hood or LED?

    If Hooded, I would run the carbon filter inside and at the top so it sucks the warm air out. and open up the bottom side vents to let air in enough to keep a negative suction. The hood would go out into a CFM fan then into a ceiling or out a window.

    What I have always discovered when I had heat issues, is that my air flow wasn't good enough. and the more expelling air you have the less heat can resonate. hope this helps!
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