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    i have a 4x4 tent with a 600watt HPS cool tube. i have one oscillating fan, and another fan pointed between my babies and the light. i keep the light about 18-20" away from my 4 autoflowers. Before i had my ventilation set up, my tent would stay 81-82 with both the doors open. i have since added a 6" inline fan, 440 cfm. i have the inline fan connected to the ceiling of my tent, sucking in the air and sending it through air tight ducting into my cool tube, then through more ducting out of the tent into another room. i have one of my mesh intake holes at the bottom of the tent open. the fan seems very powerful, but the thing is it literally did nothing for the temperature. it is still 81 in my tent with both of the doors open. another weird thing is that the good amount of air flowing through the ducting is coming out cold, shouldn't it be hot from cooling down the light and sucking the hot air from the tent?.. i leave my light on 24/7, planning to change to 20/4 next round. this is in a basement that would stay around 65 with the hps turned off, with the light on the room stays about 75 outside of the tent. i payed $60 dollars for the inline and i'm so confused as to why it's not working. help?

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  2. You should have the fan extracting from the cool tube.

    Sucking heat off the lamp an out the tent.

    But if you only have one extractor you would be better to extract from tent rather than light
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  3. Also if you leave the doors of the tent open it will get warmer. Close it all up an let tge extractor do its thing
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  4. I would have the fan pulling air from the cool tube and venting it out of the room. I would have ducting go from the top of the cool tube to the top of the tent and the bottom of the cool tube connect to the ducting that leads to the fan and then out. The exhaust fan would pull air from the top of the tent, through the cool tube and then get exhausted. Have the tent closed with the passive vents open and/or intake ducting that delivers the fresh air to the bottom of the tent. The objective being that cool air is brought in to the bottom and hot air is extracted from the top with fresh air traveling through the canopy.
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  5. The reason your temps aren't changing is because you aren't removing the hot air from the tent.... You are sucking air from outside the tent then blowing that same air back out. You need to be pulling air from the tent through the cool tube and out of the tent.
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  6. If you are having a heat wave, then put dry ice in a plastic container and place the container infront of the fan, so then it lets cool air blow around the tent
  7. but i am sucking in the air from the tent and ducting it into another room. the inline is at the top of my tent sucking the air from the tent and pushing it over the light and out of the tent. are you saying i should move the inline to the other side of my cool tube? i don't see how that would make any difference. either way it is pushing the hot air out and the way i have it now should in theory be cooling down the bulb in the process also?..
  8. What's the temperature outside your house? What state or country you from?
  9. would rather not disclose that, but my temps outside are around 75-90. but like i said, im located in a basement that would stay 65 if i didn't have the light on.
  10. Can we see a picture of how this is set up?
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  11. yes, i can post a picture in a couple hours.
  12. i lowered the inline fan to see if it would change anything, but here's the set up[​IMG]
  13. what in the world? What is even going on there?
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    you need to simplifie everything. Less ducting.

    CF (top of tent)- cool tube- inline fan.
    Small amounts of ducting...not the huge amount you have goin on. Get the fan outa the tent, thats heat right there.
    Inline fans should be sucking (and creating neg air pressure) not blowing


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