tent SCROG, time to flip lights?

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  1. hey so i got 4 girls goin and this is my second 4x4 tent grow. this time i have all blackberry kush. do you guys thinks its time to flip? Ive done a couple SCROG, but last time i was dealing with a very different strain and miscalculated the stretch. ended up with a jungle in my tent and it was a bitch to maintain, and it got out of control and the crop didn't go well. that being said, judging by how it looks and how there will be a decent/small stretch with this indica dominant hybrid strain, i think maybe flip on sunday (3-4 days). i don't want all the buds fighting for light amidst a jungle. however, i do want a full canopy in my tent. what do y'all think?

    small side note, i prune lightly for the first two weeks of the stretch and clear under the canopy for solid airflow/ directing energy toward the main bud sites above the screen, correct?

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  2. Way past time. Flip flip flip! Tou are still going to get a couple weeks worth of stretch!

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  3. And yes, everything under the screen should be lollipopped! You should have been removing the lower canopy during the whole veg phase. If you didn't you should definitely do it today and give them 5-7 days to heal before flip. That should be a massive yield. Plants are super healthy. You can also trim back some of the water leaves that are covering fresh sites. Good luck!

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  4. looking good, you should have a full tent, I don't think Kush stretches big time or mine didn't last year you should have a very impressive even canopy and a big yield if you can continue what your doing threw out the flowering stage..I enjoy seeing a nice scrog like that ..scrog is the way to grow big yielding plants with a even canopy did that last time with 1 kush plant now I'm trying a white skunk and have been LST'ing it from the very beginning without a net to see how it is??although I don't know how much skunk stretches?? I bought a net just in case,I just flipped it to flower 1 week ago so I'll see ,keep us posted on how the grow is coming along ,1220 above said MASSIVE I think he's seen this before, hahaha
  5. I have. Many of times!. Here is my current scrog! 1456695337471.jpg

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  6. healthy looking and loving it, yea I'm surprised at how many people want to flip to flower too soon and don't bother to fem/top/LST their plants to create a massive Budley bush filled with tops,,I think the hard part is getting the plant into full blown veg then it just takes a couple more weeks longer to like double the size and the yield ,if people have the room it only makes sense , looks like both of you are growing in 5 gallon pots??,I'm using a 3 gal air pot this time the last one was in a 7 gal air pot and when I dumped the soilless mix out the root ball was not nearly as I would have expected, it took like 3.75galllons to water it if I remember right, so this time my thinking was to move to a 3 gal air pot and see if it can grow a large plant now after 1 week in flower I water every 3 days like 1.75 gal with plenty of runoff,I did look under the 3 gal air pot and wow root pruning galore going on roots every where should take a pic just wondering if its going to make it threw the flower stage ok or best to move up any Idea's, [​IMG]
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  7. I checked my calendar notes its was 2.75 gallons of water ,so what's going on any progress

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