Tent Madness! Sergei's 400W HPS grow!

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    Hey Guys, Sergei here, just getting ready for my first ever indoor grow. Wont be anything too big, just a little project to keep me from going insane over the loooooong Northern winter, and a little practice for before the ground thaws, and the 2012 outdoor season is upon us!
    I figured I'd share the many ups and downs of my first indoor grow with all of my blades here on GC! :smoke:

    I have a hand full of different beans currently sitting in my refrigerator, ready to pop, but I think for my first run, I have narrowed it down to two different strains. I have yet to decide whether I run both ladies at the same time, or if I just do one girl at a time, and grow her out to be a monster!
    (*Edit!* First run will be Critical 33 and Bubba Kush 33)
    Enough babbling, here are the specs of my grow!

    -CH9 Seeds Critical 33 (Critical Mass x Jack33)
    -CH9 Seeds Bubba Kush 33 (Bubba Kush x Jack33)

    -Fox Farms Light Warrior Soil for seedlings
    -Pro Mix organic Peat moss based soil
    -Coarse grained Perlite
    -Espoma Dolomite lime
    -Miracle Gro organic choice bone meal (Just a little added to soil mix)
    -Sunleaves Indonesian bat guano (0.5-12-0.2)
    -Sunleaves Mexican bat guano (10-1-1)
    -Great White Roots brand Myco.
    -Wholesome sweeteners unsulphured blackstrap molasses


    Lights/ grow accessories:
    - HTG Supply 400watt HPS grow light with remote air cooled ballast
    - 400Watt Metal Halide bulb (for last 3 weeks of flowering)
    - 32"x32"x63" Mylar lined grow tent
    -So Long Skunky Funk 4x14 inch Carbon filter with 4 inch inline fan
    - 5 Gallon Smart pots.

    Oh well, thanks in advance to all of you who subscribe, and lend me a hand. I look forward to meeting some new faces and learning some new techniques!
  2. My brother, my brother, my brother. 'Scribed.
    I'm already jumpin' the gun, but I can't wait to see how these come out!

  3. Yeahh brotha! :hello: Glad you got this tent grow going and going right! I will let you know though man that if your tent is 32 x 32 then you can definitely run more than 1 big bushy girl. My room is only 36 x 36 and as you can see, I can run 3 full sized plants pretty comfortably, so you should be able to do at least 2 big girls.

    Pullin' up a front row seat, and I even brought some bud ;):smoke:
    Anything I can help with, let me know :D

    Good luck man! :wave:
  4. Yeaaaaaahhhh Bawdddd! Thanks for the sub dude, I have high hopes but low expectations, we'll just have to wait and see how this all turns out!
    I'll be sure to make you take the trip over the river and through the woods to my tent once flowering begins! Stay frosty Amigo!:smoke::wave:

    Hell yes! Thanks dude! I am hoping I get it right, but I already know, even with all of the information in the Cannabis Grow Bible, I am still gunna have to get by with a little help from my friends. ;):smoke:

    I just want to let you know that I hate you, hahaha I had this grow all figured out, expecting that 2 full sized ladies wouldn't fit inside the tent, so I chose those two autoflowers as a substitute. Gosh Maj! Your really making my life hard here! ;)
    Hmmm, back to the drawing board I guess.... So what's it gunna be? Critical and some autos? Critical and the Bubba Kush? Bubba Kush and the Super lemon haze? decisions, decisions, decisions...... any help here?!:smoke:

    Thanks for all of the info and help brothaman, any chance I can sneak out of my own show and burn one with you in the croud?:smoke:
  5. So I guess its Crit33 and 2 autos first right?

    I got 2 of those PE autos sitting in ma fridge as well... Gonna do one outdoors next year scheduling permitted, and If yours looks real good I might put one in the back corner of the veg room :D

    Gonna be watching man! Stay UP Brotha!!
  6. Anytime I can help bro :smoke:

    Hahah sorry bro, I figured you'd be disappointed come flower time realizing you could have had more than 1 plant in there :p I would probably suggest the Critical and the Bubba Kush, the Critical + can get a bit lanky, but probably a lot better than the SLH which I know can get pretty huge, so it'll keep the Bubba and C+ close in height especially with some training on the Crit. Seeing the 400 won't penetrate real far.

    Lets just burn em backstage bro :smoke:
  7. Welcome ozzy!
    Hahaha well.... to be honest I am still not at all sure what I am running on my first attempt.
    I was thinking of doing the crit33 and those two autos just so I can have a little variety in my headstash, and to save space, but after what Major said, I'm leaning towards the Crit33 and The bubba kush 33.... or BK33 and a Super lemon haze, you know. 1 Sativa one indica. I don't know about you, but I like the variety, not a big fan of smoking the same strain day after day, but hey so long as I am smoking, I'm not complaining!:smoke:
    I may save those autos for spring. We'll see! Hang loose brotha!:wave:
  8. Ahhh, well I appreciate the info ahead of time, because I hate sitting there kicking my own ass mid project :eek:
    Sounds like the first grow will be Critical33 and Bubba Kush 33! HOOORRAAAHH!:smoke:
  9. Gonna need to do some MAJOR canopy management if ya plan on doing a Sativa and an Indica. It can be done fa sho! but you'll need to whip that Sativa into shape and IMO let the indica go untopped..

    But alas this is your grow brotha. Do what makes ya feel good!!

  10. Exactly what Ozzie said, you want the 2 plants with the closest heights in there together, to prevent a shorter one from stretching out.
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    That makes good sense to me, I'd hate to have a SLH towering over my BK taking all of its energy!
    Bubba kush33 and Critical 33 first run. and that's my FINAL answer!:smoke:
    Ill save my 2 SLH's for after my first harvest.
    Well guys, Its Saturday night, time for me to get off the couch, Smoke some sinsei, get drunk and get it in!:bongin::metal:


    Thanks again for all of your help. I'm new to this! ;):D
  12. :metal: GL on the sexcapdes! :laughing:

    If ya need you could always just raise the BK33 too :rolleyes:
  13. Well, those sexcapades are generally a success, as tequila makes her clothes fall off :D
    Just so long as there aren't any little sergei's running all around painting the town red, then I will really be able to call this a success. :smoke:
    I figure I could raise them, but I thought deeper into it, may as well just run the two more Indica Dom's, keep things short and easy, and with finishing times not too far apart. I figure I will be harvesting around mid March, giving me time to pop some autos, and my other beans, to get them ready for the spring show.:cool:

    Going to get those beans popped at some point this week!:metal::yay:

    *Edit* you can tell I'm fucking blazed when I bombard my posts with smilies....:smoke:
  14. God, I hate taking a trip to the hydroponics store when im blazed..... buy buy buy buy!:smoke:
    Just picked up some Fox Farms Light warrior soil for the seedlings, 75 4' Bamboo stakes, some #5 smart pots, and a pair of trimming scissors.:smoke:

    In other news, I stuck my 2 beans in a germination chamber. Hoping the girls crack to life in the next couple of days!:hello:

    How was everyone's danksgiving?
  15. Haha brotha, that will happen! At least once you make a few purchases you'll have most of what you need for awhile. Smart thinkin' with the strains, keep em as close to eachother as possible :smoke:

    Hope all the girls sprout for ya! :)
    Sounds like you mighta got a hookup today in G's thread, huh?;)
    Lucky bastard :p

    Spent the holidays gettin' baked and fat my man, hope they went well for you too :wave:
  16. Hahaha well it was all good, I smoked a doob with one of the guys that works at the store, and he helped me a lot with my shopping. I'm just happy I didnt go buy a Carbon Filter and inline fan or something. :rolleyes::D
    I think I am finally set on grow supplies for a while, except for that damn odor scrubber...... I'll get it before they go into flower. No question!
    Thanks dude! I'm hoping to see some popped seed shells tomorrow after class, and if thats the case, into a pot filled with Light Warrior! WIN!
    Lets Put it simply, G45 is the man!
  17. Haha that's one way to get the shopping done :laughing: Did you get the Bob Marley discount for that one? ;)
    Yeah, you got a bit of time to relinquish your money supply before you have to worry about getting a scrubber/fan setup.
    How long do you plan to run them in straight Light Warrior? And in what kind of container?
    Let put it simply, he is, and you's a lucky mofugger :D
  18. Well he gave me 10% off if thats what your asking;):D Also gave me a copy of "rosebud" a hydroponics magazine... pretty cool actually lots of cool information and adds for all different kinds of grow gear.
    I figure I wont need a filter until flowering, and I dont plan of switching the ladies to 12/12 until around New Years at earliest. I'll have myself a filter by then I'm sure;)
    I think I am going to just start them in the Light warrior with a little extra added dolomite Lime and myco, just in a small plastic pot until she really gets going, and the roots are really pumping, then I will put them in their final homes #5 smart pots with FFOF soil.:smoke:
  19. Haha very nice :D
    I was checking out "Rosebud" at my grow store the one day, crazy shit, huh? I saw an advertisement for a fulling built semi trailer completely built for growing on an ebb and flow system, shit was nuts! :eek:
    Beware if you're going with the straight Light Warrior that they'll have to go on a nute regiment pretty quick, and that the seedlings can be very finicky initially. If I were you I'd go with a 2:1 Light Warrior to FFOF, that will have more than enough nutrition in it to get them through seedling stage without having to manually feed them, and the mixture will be thin enough for the sprouts. That's what I do with mine at least :p
  20. Now we're talking!!!

    Ok everyone move over, move over... make some room for another chair.

    Cheers too you brosmoke, let's get these beans-a-poppin!

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