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  1. New to the forum. let me start off by saying I have experience with a few backyard grows in the past, but this will be my first attempt at an indoor grow. The amount me and my ole lady smoke, it doesnt make sense for us not to grow three or four plants (soil). 
    I have the space to fit a 4x4x7 Tent, but am torn between a 3x3 and 4x4. I plan on growing SOG style, so maybe a 600W would be adequate. Do any of you use a 600W in a 3x3 without any heat issues? if so this is the way ill go.
    would the fixture need to be "cool tube" style?
    I live next door to a hydro shop, and i was told for the yeild, 600w blows 400 out of the water.(about a gram a watt)
    Also, Would it be recommended to purchase two bulbs, one HPS and the other HID (or what ever it is) and just swap out when i switch to flower?   
    I have about a grand to drop on the project, but want to make sure i have all the loose ends tied before pulling the trigger. 
    thanks for your help

  2. a 600 should be fine for that size tent. i have a closet grow thats about 3x2.5x5 and i have a 1000w hps and no heat issues. and you can get the metal halide bulb for veg but its not required, i use my hps the whole way through except for the first two weeks when they are under cfl's.
  3. Hmm. Didnt even consider going to 1000w. Im curious as to weather the higher yeild would be worth the higher power bill in the long run? So much controversy over 1000w vs 600w im finding. 
    I will be buying an exhaust fan to pass thru a carbon filter, and run the ducting up near my light. have my intake (with lower cfm) down about a foot off the floor of the tent, and an osculating fan mid level on the plants. I was thinking this would pull cool air in, circulate up, and since heat rises, will be pumped out. 
    or is there a better way to do this? 
  5. sounds like you got it figured out.

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