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     Hey city dwellers!!!
    Thought I'd make a attempt at keeping a journal of my medical hydro grow.I will try to update it weekly but we will see.
     This will be my 3rd round of hydro.My first was a run of dinafem og kush.For my first hydro run it  went better than I was expecting.I would have kept growing it if I didn't neglect the cuttings I took and let them die.(damn you work)
      So I grabbed a few clones of what I was told was GDP but who knows or cares they were free.The first round of that will be done soon so I'll see if its worth keeping around.Either way I cloned some to keep the momentum moving forward,till I get what is in the pipeline situated.
    After 10 days of veg I moved them over to a flower tent.
    Day 1 flower tent.
    goup shots:
    DSCN0055.JPG DSCN0056.JPG DSCN0061.JPG
    Front left: DSCN0057.JPG
    Front right: DSCN0058.JPG
    Back right: DSCN0059.JPG
    Back left: DSCN0060.JPG
    Readings: DSCN0062.JPG

  2. Pictures from the other flower tent..This tent got outta control.first time with this gdp and damn does it stretch.Have a few burnt tops from growing into the light but hey you live you learn.We will see how the other flower tent pictured in the first post fairs with  around a 10 day veg I believe. 001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG
  3. Empty veg tent: DSCN0073.JPG
    Propagation tent: DSCN0074.JPG
    Bubble cloner is 4 more GDP.@ soil are CAli Connection Blackwater
    Group shot of Blackwaters: DSCN0077.JPG
    normal looking Blackwater DSCN0076.JPG
    Fucked up looking one I though I was gonna lose: DSCN0075.JPG
    Thats all for now enjoy tent city!!!
  4. Decided I better trash the 4 gdp in the cloner, as they wont tell me what I want to know.So before I trashed them I took 8 cuttings to give me a better Idea of what I need to know. DSCN0086.JPG
    I need to figure out the rooting time for this GDP.My goal is to harvest 4 plants every month or so.So now that I have these cuttings taken only a few days since the others went into flower I can get a better grasp at the schedule I need to keep for this GDP.
    While I was at the propagation tent figured might as well snap a few pics of the blackwater. 
    Group shot: DSCN0087.JPG
    normal looking: DSCN0089.JPG
    Fucked up looking one: DSCN0088.JPG Take care.
  5. update for flower #2 featured in the first post of this thread.
    Group shots: DSCN0095.JPG DSCN0096.JPG
    Front Left: DSCN0097.JPG
    Front right: DSCN0098.JPG
    Back right: DSCN0099.JPG
    Back left: DSCN0100.JPG
    I will have to update this later with the readings after I finish the res change.Running just straight ro water and some h2o2 for a hour roots looked a little brown in a few spots.
  6. Flower 1 the pictures in the second post of this thread is starting to go down hill.Been finding lots of small egg like things just above the wate line in the buckets.No sign of bugs moving around on the plants or at the hydroton.The eggs like things have a funky smell not sure how to describe it.I have just been taking a paper towel and wiping them off,then flushing the paper towel down the toilet.Buds seem to have stopped development and Im getting lots of canoeing leaves.
    Heres a few pictures: DSCN0101.JPG DSCN0102.JPG DSCN0103.JPG DSCN0110.JPG DSCN0111.JPG
    Readings: DSCN0113.JPG
    Eggs? The little white specs above the water line.Any Ideas as to what it is? DSCN0109.JPG
    Thats it from tent city for now.

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