Tent brands, and odor control.

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  1. I need to buy a 3'x3'x6' tent here soon and need to figure out the best setup for odor control and lighting. I have a 1000w setup now but don't think I need that much light in there. I'll be growing one maybe two, small mainlined plants. In about 2g pots. No bigger. Micro grow. Any ideas?
    Ibwas looking at a vivosun never heard of it. I also need a filter something that's not a cheap piece of shit but still decent on the wallet.

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  2. So I pulled out all my grow equipment. I'm gonna use a 1000w MH for vegging if needed and a HPS when flower hits. I have a small reflector/hood I used to use before I got my sunsystems xxxl.

    Here's basically, aside from pots, my own soil mix, what I have. [​IMG]

    I have tons of mylar, white paint, pallets. Just a drill, some bits. About 12h a week plus a big garden so time is the biggest factor right now. So either a wardrobe, or closet you can buy at resale or a tent, I feel is easyiest to do. Change my bulb and buy a filter. Although if anyone base filter building ideas for a one plant grow, that would be Ideal.

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  3. I run the Vivosun 3x3 now as of the last few weeks. No complaints so far. Seems to work just as advertised. Sewing is sketchy in a few places but nothing a female can't fix for you real quick

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  4. My first tent was a Craigslist deal and had the plastic corners. I would strongly suggest avoiding any tent that uses plastic corners. You're just asking for trouble at some point. My first run was cut short when one of the plastic corners cracked and the tent collapsed, allowing the hood to crush my ladies. Sad day but life goes on. I upgraded to a Gorilla Lite Line 4x4 and love it. I would highly suggest this tent. It is very well made, with awesome zippers, and very light proof. It needs nothing. I snagged mine on Amazon.

    I run a raptor 6" and a Phantom digital 1000 watt ballast. I veg with 1000 watt MH and flower with 1000 watt HPS bulbs, both Eye hortilux. I run two fans for ventilation: a panasonic whisperline 440 cfm and an active air 6". Also run an oscilalting tower fan in the tent. I have a passive intake drawing air from my crawlspace via a hole I cut in the floor. It works great for me, temps never get above around 77 degrees with lights on in summer months. Pic is a few days old, they just started week 6 today. flower1.jpg
  5. I am using a giantex 32x32x63 I really like it. Its affordable durable and the parts looks cheap but I did a stress test and all went well. Lots of ports for wires fans filters etc. Drawbacks are its a pain in the dick to set up in a small space. I should have built it in my living room first. Also I will be the first to say 2g pots are not big enough your plants will get rootbound quickly. If you went hydro you can get away with smaller containers. I hope this helps

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  6. Oh also if your worried about smell then definitely dont use a closet it leeks so badly. I tried it and had to tear down my first grow because people were starting to notice. Tents may seem pricy and daunting but its the safest bet if you dont have a sealed room

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  7. What is the real difference between the regular Gorilla tents and the Gorilla Lite tents? Are the Lite ones thinner material and if so is odor more of an issue? I am thinking of buying a Gorilla 4x4 but I'm not sure if I should spend the money on the regular version or go with the Lite line?
  8. The reality is smell control has little to do with the tent and everything to do with the fan and carbon filter. The tent is just a box to hold the smell long enough for the fan and filter to clean it. So if its durable and dosnt have bad reviews any tent is fine.

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  9. Fair enough. I plan to filter and ventilate but still, let me ask a little differently, what are the benefits of the regular Gorilla tents over the Gorilla Lite tents?
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    google gorilla tents

    LighthouseHydro makes a fine tent also check on ebay

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