tent at 90f, how do I cool it

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  1. Hey all, rite, again I am faced with a problem my tent was always hitting high temps so I bought a new inlet fan to draw more air in I have also got a oscillating fan a fan facing the 600 w ballast and an extractor fan with carbon filter and still temps are at 90f, how do i cool it down or will it be ok also the light is about 60 cm away


  2. you have air coming in, and your have fans inside moving it around ... but the questions is, are you moving the hot air out?

    To cool an area, your not "Cooling the air" your just replacing hot air with cooler air.

    With that being said, it also has to do with the ambient temperature of the room the tent is in.
  3. Yep I have an inlet fan blowing fairly cool air in through the bottom ov the tent and I also have an extraxtor fan sucking air out through a carbon filter inside at the top
  4. do you have an air cooled hood, or just a maxwing reflector?

    air cooled hoods saved me life.
  5. A maxwing, eater have a air cooled but just don't have the cash
  6. there ya go.

    I was experiencing the same thing ... my ambient room temperature was around 60, so it wasnt too hot .... but even with good intake, and goo exhaust, with my maxwing reflector I just couldnt keep temps low.

    I went from low 90's, to 70-80, depnding on the weather (its very radical where I live)
  7. Sorry will refrase tht LOL i have a max wing but feel I should have a cooltube but I don't have the cash, temp oz now 95f :(
  8. Speaking of, that's outside the tent, yah? Just making sure.

    Also, yeah as MC said and you've already mentioned, a cooltube would help a crap ton...since you already have the ballast and bulb, all you need is the tube/reflector...here's what looks like a decent 6" for $60+ship:

    Amazon.com: 6" Cool Tube MH HPS Grow Light Reflector with Wing: Kitchen & Dining

    Handles between 250w up to 1000w setups.

    If you get one, I suggest hooking it up so that it exhausts that heat, and have the end of your exhaust (filter/fan?) away from the tent's intake/possibly in another room (so that you aren't recycling the hot exhausted air).

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