Tent And Co2 Doubts

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    hi guys,
    my plants are growing fast and beautifully healthy after they survived a strong stress in the seedling stage, now they 1,5 foot and i am thinking to buy a co2 system.
    My doubts are in the setting, i have a tent 8x4x6 and since here is very hot i have as intake fan an air conditioner 12kbtu, as out take fans i have a 440cfm and a 330cfm for the cool tubes(2x600w hps), both with carbon filters, if u wonder why i have 2 fans it is cos with the a/c as intake is quite powerful and the long tubes i use for the outtake fans before reach the balcony, only one fan wasnt enough and the tent was looking as a balloon, so i use 2.
    my question is this, buying a tank with gauge and setting it with a timer, u think it will be possible to enrich enough co2 in the tent even if there is plenty of ventilation?
    i cant stop the air condition otherwise the temp reach 35-37c, and with a/c i reach 27c day and 21c night.
    any ideas if this is possible to reach 1500 ppm without stop all the fans?
    the co2 system is an aquarium system that cost me 100usd for the tank and 120usd for the double gauge system complete.

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      no, your space should be sealed to run co2 efficiently and if you do not stop your exhaust fan it will pull the co2 straight out. they need off time, and it would be wise to set it so your regulator is off while your fans are on; they make controllers for this. Running co2 your temps should be around 29c.
      This is how I am set up.
    Intake/exhaust fans on timer.
    A/C and humidifier on controller. A/C recirculating grow space air.
    I have gone cheap on co2 with the exhale bags.  Co2 will be an investment when I get an increased plant count,but i'm sure you can do a little searching and build it to suit your needs.
  3. Thanks Buffalo, i thought so cos i tried to make a couples of bottles of yeast and sugar and i saw almost no difference in my co2 meter, so i am sure now that the whole co2 go out cos of the outtake, next grow i wont make in a tent so i can stop the outtake with a controller like the one u suggested me.....
  4. hi,
    I sealed my space and use my ac as recirculating my grow space, as co2 i use a gauge with tank, and i wanna buy a controller co2 for it, my question is, since my fan i put on timer, the controller set on 1200ppm, should i put a timer also on the controller or?

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