Tensing your dick when sitting down

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    Does anyone else when watching a movie or something in social situations like accidently fucking tense their dick (while its soft) like if it were erect you would do this to get it as hard as possible. Its really wierd and I think its like a social anxiety disorder brought on by pot. I really need to stop smoking if it is. Part of the problem is that now that i probably accidently did it I do it again when I think not to do it. BLAH HELP
    sometimes people cant see it because my pants wont really move, its just my dick but fuck i get so paranoid someone might notice the twitch, especially when people are tripping, they notice shit like that. And strong pot can sometimes do it too

    Could this be schizophrenia? Overthinking situations like this or thinking too much in social situations?
  2. lmao you still get surprise boners?
  3. Naw dude, you're fine.

    I hear porcupines flex their dicks when intimidated, too

    It's a defense mechanism
  4. No I believe it's hormones.
  5. I think you are thinking too much. I just let people see my surprise boner. They call me boner boy at work
  6. Are you talking about flexing your PC muscle?
  7. its not a boner though, it happens when my dick is soft.
  8. You talking about kegals? I flex mine all day long when I bone up randomly. Feels good man.

  9. But what if you do it next to a girl and she suddenly sees your pants move .05 cm up and back down again...???:smoke:
  10. My dick flexes when it wants to fuckin' flex.
  11. [quote name='"Lerf"']

    But what if you do it next to a girl and she suddenly sees your pants move .05 cm up and back down again...???:smoke:[/quote]

    I probably have done it while I was next to a girl. I do it soo much I don't really notice anymore. If a girl ever noticed me doing it she must have been impressed or scared because I've never been called on it.
  12. Don't worry it happens to all of us:hello:
  13. Lol I'm a bit more concerned that you think it's weird to get a woody, how old are you? 4?

    Its called being horny
  14. Uh, if she's paying attention to your pants enough to see a .05 cm movement, I'd take that as a good sign and move on with my life. Why does it matter?

    You sound extremely paranoid and insecure.
  15. Tensing? Like clenching? I just did this and all that happen was my asshole/prostate tightened. Nothing happened to my dick. I sure as hell didn't get hard. Do you get an erection if a girl glances at you from across the street?
  16. [quote name='"Rebel Eye"']-ADVANCED PC MUSCLE EXERCISES-

    Educate yourself to have a good strong healthy penis.[/quote]

    Wow. I feel as if my eyes have just truly opened for the first time.
  17. To be honest. If u did it in front of a girl. She'll prolly go down on u.

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