Tennessee Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by The Green Toker, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Good by them.. Good luck Tennessee.
  2. Yea man. This is good for the legalization of marijuana as a whole though. It states they will study the benefits of marijuana not the negatives :hello:.. AWESOME:smoke:
  3. I'm fairly confident TN will be one of the last states to legalize. This is good legislation but it will be hard to get anything to pass. Literally, we are the buckle of the Bible Belt.
  4. Finally, atleast I might be able to get some actual medical shit in kentucky.
  5. I hope it happens soon but I doubt it. As everyone else has said we are in the bible belt and will probably be one of the last states to do it. I hope however that thats not true.

  6. I back this up. I live in TN. We have the HQs of 7 different church doctrines here. Nothing like this will get passed till something is done federally i bet.

  7. I lived in Tn for 21 years, until just recently. (Moved to NC)

    I would love TN to pass this. But I'm fairly confident NC will pass before Tn. And NC is still a ways off.

  8. I try to look on the optimistic side of things... Although it will most likely not pass, it still brings attention to the public about the issue. How does the saying go? Any publicity is good publicity?
  9. This guy is right, international headquarters of several denominations are in Tennessee.
  10. if this happens...damn dude..
    crazy shit is gonna happen. like more police n shit. fuck man
  11. hope it passes.. SOON :(
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    NC here too, I agree... Although at least the research part has been approved, that is definitely a door! I am praying NC legalizes... I was thinking though, I have family in WNC, I would love to move back towards the mountains one day, and to think I could just hop over the Tennessee line and grab some med.. Or actually become a resident... But oh well ... We will see...
  13. OK, are we not done on this issue, have we not seen that 81% of all Americans believe we shouldn't be arresting people and turning them into criminals over medical marijuana? Hasn't the debate proven that it should be legal for all doctors to suggest or prescribe? We all know the truth, that cannabis is the most medically active plant on earth and is non toxic, there is minor, if any at all, side effects or damage done by its use. It stupid and wrong!

    Now the thing is, WHAT's wrong with these legislators, Police and the last 19%? How many other issues are supported by 81% of citizens and not even talked about, debated or reformed? To me its simple to see that the money gained by prohibition of marijuana is so great to those opposing it that they will fight all reason and facts to keep the profits flowing. Including the legislators that have big Pharmacy in their ears and big Pharma's money money in their pockets.

    Police on the other hand say all the time "we dont make law we just enforce it, dont like the law, change it, we will follow it" but it seems to me that ending Prohibition of marijuana is the single issue they choose to lobby against and choose not to follow when laws are changed. Hence the issue in CA with police arresting all these medical users and suppliers!

    Then like in Tn they say, "look at CA and all the trouble they have", well they wouldnt have any problems if the police would follow the laws set by the people of that state! Same for the DEA too, Obama said they were not going to mess with states that had laws. Drug arrests bring in federal money, fund jobs and equipment and keep the lights on. Its keeps jobs for prisons and keeps the private prison complex growing and growing!
  14. I wouldn't be so sure.
    NC has a lot of money coming in from wood pulp paper, timber, cotton, and big pharmaceuticals. The leaders of the opposition are all chairs of committees the bills will have to get through.
    And there's that whole "public stance against the demon weed" so many of the legislators have taken. Getting then to swallow their words and reverse position will be like pulling alligator teeth. North Carolinians are well known for our stubborn stiff-necked mule-headed obstinacy, it's why we're called Tarheels after all.
    They pull every dirty legislative trick in the book to pigeonhole the bills, and they all but stick their fingers in their ears when confronted with scientific truth.
    We're not gonna get it passed here until about a third of out state reps drop dead of old age. then, it's a maybe. And these damn stubborn old birds just seem to keep going and going...
  15. I hope that they make the right choice and choose the green. The south needs to step up and be leader.
  16. Pennsylvania needs to fucking get busy!
  17. Your sig is awesome and I agree LOL
  18. Yeah i've heard about this but this isn't the first time its been brought up. It's been turned down plenty of times our governor is really against it. But if it legalized i guarantee we will have the most limitations:( it could happen though

  19. I have e-mailed Haslam about this and have gotten a response that pretty much says he's against it. But I'm always optimistic!! :D :hello:

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