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Tennessee Buds --> todays pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RobbieMc92, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Just picked these up today.... hope you like em..



  2. DUDE, that looks just like the shit i just smoked...
    good times :cool:

  3. Really?? you got a name for it cause im not sure what it is??
  4. dam im just over the border from tennesse i might have to go find some bud +rep
  5. you get that in franklin?? yall got some good lookin stuff there :)

  6. yessir, well i picked it up in nashville.. but i mean im smokin it in franklinn hah :smoke:
  7. oh i gotcha. i use to live in dickson and we had some killer dank going around but i dont feel like driving 40 minutes to go back there now. ill still to my bookwoods weed :smoking:
  8. i saw some bud that looked like that here in knoxville.
  9. pretty crip
  10. #10 dose_me, Feb 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009
    thats what I smoke constantly in chattanooga tn I pay 10 a dime for that I will take a pic next time I pick some up
  11. doesn't everyone pay $10 a dime? lol

    thats pretty amazing dank though... I would smoke that over what I have now ANYDAY
  12. #12 YungPurp, Feb 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009
    Its alot of good mid going around chatt right now ima upload some [pics later and show u what we blow in the studio everyday that look like some good in them pics tho
  13. haha, i just picked up bud that looks exactly like that!:hello: my dealer called it Cali Orange Kush, but w.e dealers can name there bud anything they want:smoking:
  14. We had some orange kush floating round here a few weeks ago it was some bullshit tho it aint look like that I was gone post some pics up but was like hell naw

  15. haha i know who he's buyin from then cause im friends with a chatt town guy that claimed he had "orange kush" a few weeks ago. looked like some high mids at best though... come up to Nashville, we got ALOT of stuff rollin through right now:smoke:
  16. I be in cashville on the south and eastside thats usually where I have to go to get dat real shit either da ville or ATL both of them like a hour and a half away thats 2 damn far 2 get some green I be seeing alot of dudes on here that say they from chatt and be having northern light strawberry cough and all that and they got to be bullshitting I'm good on all sides of town here Chatt aint a small city but it aint super big either if you in these streets I know u or know somebody that kno you and when I be going around town asking bout shit dudes be looking at me like I'm crazy like i'm making up names for bullshit kush so either these dudes on here lying or stay coop up in the suburb smoking all day
  17. lol what city is that from? just got a shipment from somewhere in tennessee and the guy had that a long with some other stuff.
  18. chattanooga
  19. tight shit *****


  20. this stuff just came in from a private grow right outside of johnson city, Tennessee. Its not a very large site, but definately produces some good green. Go check out the stuff i got this weekend. I'm about to post it and its b e a u t i f u l :smoke::smoke:

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