Tenacious D

Discussion in 'General' started by herbsman420, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Are any of you into the D? They are awesome. Not only is their CD kickass, but they have a DVD called "Tenacious D- The Complete Masterworks". It is seriously really funny sober, but so funny it's unbearable if you're high. I strongly recommend that you get both the CD and the DVD.

    P.S.- Jack Black (a member of Tenacious D) got voted Pot Smoker of the Year by Hightimes magazine.

    Jah Bless
  2. i like "fuck her gently" and "tribute to the greatest song in the world"
  3. Tenacious D is good.
  4. Have you heard Wonderboy? Its pretty good too. But all of their stuff is good IMO.
  5. among the greatest movies/collection of shows ever concived by man,
    i like the one where JB jives KG head and then they realize its the other guy good shit
    im drunk sry for my rambling
  6. sry for the double post but if anyone liked the masterworks there coming out with TENACIOUS D IN: THE PICK OF DESTINy
    sry for the caps

  7. yea.. i like City Hall and a few other songs
  8. Tenacious D is awesome :D I bought the Masterworks DVD for my boyfriend for Christmas two years ago (I think that's when I bought it :confused: ). Anyway, seriously funny stuff.
  9. Yea JB realizes its Kyle and the first thing he says is, "You dont have any money." I also think it's funny cause Kyle cums a gallons worth. But, my favorite is definately Butt Baby. I thought it was the funniest thing when JB was trippin'. God me and my friends used to get high and act out the scenes. Haha.

    Jah Bless
  10. How about, we'll kick it. I'll say "kick it" and you just kick it with a tasty groove... ready... kick it... kick it... come on goddammit Kyle could you one time kick it what the fuck? We have a crucial clutch-cargo gig coming up Kyle you COCKSUCKER! You don't give a shit and I've been sittin' around gettin' sick of your attitude! You fucker! You fuckin' biiitch!

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