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  1. Is anyone else here into Tenacious D? I got into them because I am a Jack Black fan, he's hilarious in BongWater and, well just about everything he's in. His band has humorous lyrics which I guess might be a given with him. :)

    It's actually very entertaining to listen to whilst massively stoned. I listen to them more & more every day.

    Just curious if anyone else has heard of them?

    p.s. their website intro is cute :)
  2. i love the video for "tribute" have u seen it? lol its awesome. when i watched it high for the first time it seemed like it lasted for about 20 minutes lol, i immediately downloaded it on kazaa
  3. I just downloaded that and no video showed up :(
  4. i think wonderboy is a pretty cool song of Tenatious D's... funny video too, lol.

    schmoke a bong!
  5. Tenacious D is great. I first heard about them a few months ago before they got really popular. The songs are pretty funny, but I also think they have some good musical talent. If you get a chance download the song spiderman. It's hilarious.
  6. i LOVE tenacious d!
    if u've only heard wonderboy and tribute, u're missing out on a lot! those are just pretty much the only songs they could use as singles without censoring too much, and they have much better songs than those.
    they're so very funny, and also talented musicians. jack black has an awesome voice too.
  7. do you believe in gode? I believe in gode... I believe...

    Jesus ranch..now thats a classic

  8. LOL i love Jesus Ranch.... or of course....

    "My Keilbasa sausage, it has GOT to perform..."

    on further.net there's a pretty good live set of tenacious d.

    there's nothing better than a couple of guys not afraid to make fun of the world, and themselves while making music.
  9. I like tenacious d... I have to say that tribute is the ultimate in humerous music videos- and it features mr ben zoolander stiller. And wonder boy is genious... Man I gotta stop myself- I could be here all night...
  10. my fave lyrics:
    "can't decide! can't decide, BRAIN ANYEURISM!!!"
    "what's ur favourite dish? i'm not gonna cook it, but i'll order it from zanzibar"
    "All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon"
    "He asked us: 'Be you angels?', and we said, 'Nay. We are but men!!!'"
    "u broke the rules, now i'll pull out all ur pubic hair"

    and "where's my fluckin schnitzel?" hehe

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