Temps to use for hash?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mezzer, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I read with interest those who successfully use hash in their vaporizer. I have the Extreme-Q. Attempts to use hash in it have been failures: no vapor and/or melts to a mess on the screen. I would appreciate knowing what temps others found work with hash. The hash available is light-brown, hard, but can easily be broken into smaller pieces. (Excuse my ignorance. I'm new to using mj. It greatly helps my chronic pain.)
  2. I've use hash and BHO successfully. I usually set the temp to 195C. Take some bud, put it in the elbow screen, put the has on top of the bud, then cover with another layer of bud and pack the elbow lightly (the bud is so that the hash doesn't touch the screen). If you don't have bud, wrap it in cotton and stick it in the elbow screen. And if you didn't already know, without hash pack the elbow screen with bud to produce thicker vapor hits.
  3. Thank you, Turtle. As I said, I'm new to pain management with mj. (You CAN teach a-very-old dog new tricks.) I saw two kinds of hash; one was dark-tan to brown, in chunks, which could be broken off; the other was black and a bit rubbery, more so if it's rubbed. Do these sound like the hash you used? (The black one is less available.)
  4. Be careful not to burn the bud when using higher temps. Its very easy to do.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping
  5. Thanks, Nate. Do you have an opinion about which of the hashes is best for a vape-- dark-tan to brown, in chunks, which could be broken off; the other was black and a bit rubbery, more so if it's rubbed?
  6. Not really. Thats just the different types of hash. Ive never vaped hash i always use it on its own in a small water pipe but my extreme q shows up tomorrow. I only have an mflb right now
  7. I have the Extreme Q. I think you'll like it. Let me know here what you think of it.
  8. What I like to do with hash is sandwich the bowl in with the bud and connect it to a water filtration device like a bubbler/bong at the highest settings. Here is my Arizer Solo with an 18mm adapter and bubbler.

    I have tried hash layered with kief and bud. I really have no idea if this is the most efficient way, but hitting hash at a medium temperature seems to take forever to kill so I prefer this.

    There are glass adapters for the Extreme-Q from what I've seen too, but I heard the Silver Surfer Vaporizer absolutely dominates it with concentrates.
  9. Highnstein--Very interesting setup. Do I understand right that it's necessary because the high temps you need for hash make the vapor too harsh?
  10. Not really. I've hit it with the same temperature I usually hit bud, it just tastes very different.

    I set it to the highest because it takes forever to kill it. There were many times in which I could tell there was hash even after the 12 minute time out. (Hitting it out of a normal mouth piece at 4) The bubbler allows me to rip it and saves me a lot of time. The high is also different!

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