Temps normally at 79 but keep hitting 83... Ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by slimjimham, May 6, 2011.

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    Like it says, temps normally at 78/79 but since I added my 600w light they keep getting to 83... Im in week 2 of flowering, second grow

    So the thing I thing i think's gonna solve my prob is putting my 600w nextgen cooled ballast outside of the room (thing's pumping out pretty hot air!)... I bet this lowers me 3-5* at all times.

    Room is small 3x4, with one 6" air-cooled 600w (filter in room>hood>outside of room) and a 6"htg inline fan pushing about 150cfm inside the room... I open the door when lights go on and off or the temps get too high

    If I get em to 79 by removing the ballast from the room am I good or should I add another 6 or 8" fan pushing fresh air into the room?
  2. u should be alrite up to 85 deg. u can run hotter if using co2
  3. My ballast gets so freaking hot. I can imagine it would easily bump temps up if it was confined. Get it out of there...it will definitely help.
  4. Just did it today, temps seem to be lower, also added a wall mount fan to move more air around... Thinking I still need one more intake fan
  5. Rule of thumb, you can never have too much fresh air

  6. Well yes, and no.

    At a point you want to have more CFM for your outtake, and less CFM on your intake. This promotes healthy air exchange in which you're forcing more hot air out, than in. This is why people make passive intakes and use a fan for an outtake.

    So Slimjim, you might want to consider mounting that other fan as an outtake, to help draw your hot air out?
  7. temp in the 80's is ripe for some co2 injection, so this would also complicate things since you want to keep the co2 at a constant ppm level. Fresh air + negative pressure is great until you start introducing other variables.
  8. Ok well I added a fan, took the ballast out and put the other hood on the same setup so now it's


    Now instead of it being 79-83 it was 86 when I went in the room.... Wtf, I'm thinking a better window fan to bring in cooler air. What I need to do is compley exhaust outside of the room but while I'm at this appartment for the next two months it's not an option.....


  9. If you had a 600 watt ballist inside a 3 x 4 room temps would be over 100. Lets see some pics so we can better understand what you are talking about.
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    Get a door that you can cut your holes in for you in and out. Replace that one with the one that belongs to the apartment
  11. Got a 600w in a 3 x 5 and temps are around 75-79 with CO2. I use a very nice inline fan for exhaust. 2 Small comp. fans for intake.
  12. Have you ever considered cool tube reflectors or the more expensive powerplant glass hoods? I use them in my 2x600w attic grow and keeps temps very controlled!

  13. Put up pics or your full of crap. You ain't cooling a 600 watt ballast in a 3 x 5 room with CO2 and an inline exhaust fan.
  14. My temps with 2 1000w going go any were from 75-85 and have had no problems just make sure you have plenty of air circulation. Good luck dude.
  15. Haha have youConsidered that ur temp
    Meter is maybe fuked? Lol

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