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  1. I’ve visited for a while now and just joined after reading quite a bit of confusing posts by folks asking about temps, humidity ect ect ect hope this helps

    Sample recipe
    Germination (10 days)
    Early veg (14 days)
    Veg (14 days)
    Stretch/transition - marks the beginning of flower (14days)
    Full flower (37 days)
    Flush (10 days)
    Dry (2 days)
    Cure (2-3 weeks but 4-8 weeks for optimal ranges)

    Temps and humidity

    Seedling Stage
    (Germination - 10 days)
    • Seedlings and clones like high humidity levels of 65-70%
    • Reason: The root system is not established
    • High humidity levels allow water intake through leaves
    • Temperatures with lights on: 68-77 degrees (lights off: 4-5 C° lower)

    Vegetation Period
    (early and Reg Veg (28 days)) -
    by this time you should have topped your feminized photo - 5 nodes - important continue this into the next phase. Remember you’re hurting your plant by cutting it, give it a few days to recover before you attempt anything else.
    • Humidity levels can be lowered by 5% each week (acceptable range: 40-70% - ideally 65-70%)
    • Temperatures can be increased a little bit (no obligation - no higher than 82)
    • Co2 should be around 700-800 during veg - add if needed
    • Reason: Roots absorb more water; evaporation through leaves cools plant(s)
    • Temperatures with lights on: 71-82 (lights off: 4-5 C° lower)

    Flowering Period
    (Stretch then Full flower (51 days))
    crop, top, lollipop and LST is adviser, ScrOG ect - make sure to never remove more than 1/3rd of your plant when cropping. This would be an ideal time to remove fan leaves that are blocking light to Bud sites. By now, you should have no less than 8 Bud sites due to your topping and your plant should be looking like a lollipop so to speak. You’ll want to clean your plant up during this stage. Remove useless material on the bottom 3rd of the plant. We want to make sure the energy is focused on the Bud sites not leaves at the bottom.
    • Humidity levels need to be lowered to 35-50% (extremely important)
    • You can get away with 55% (anything over 60% is real bad)
    • Push co2 high 1,000-1,500 ppm for 28 weeks of stretch/flower
    • It’s best to slightly lower temperatures in flowering
    • Temperatures with lights on: 68-78.8 (avoid high temperatures)

    Late flowering
    (1-2 weeks before harvest - flush - remove everything, no more nutes or co2, only add RO/Distilled Water mixed w/ Advanced nutrients Flawless finish solution for two weeks - your plants will thank you)
    • The following steps are not necessity, but can improve yield, flavour and appearance
    • Bring down humidity levels as much as you can: 30-40% - target 30%
    • Lower daytime temperatures, and also increase the temperature difference (day/night)
    • Temperatures with lights on: 64-75 (lights off: minus 5-10 C°)

    Add a fan

    Fans or turn up the AC


    Lastly, but important

    Good seed genes - get crap seeds grow crap cannibas no matter what you do.

    RO/distilled water is best - your tap water is likely filled with bad stuff. I add BioRoot to my first 4 weeks waterings/changes.

    When trimming make sure to keep your soil clear of the trimmings. A good rule of thumb is to keep your geow areas clean and clean the areas after each use.

    pH that hovers around 6.5 is ideal. A little higher or a little lower is okay; a low 6.2

    Hydro/soilless/coco (5.5 – 6.5 pH)

    Soil is important, typically coco pods won’t fail you, but can be difficult to transfer. Pick an organic soil - do your own research on this - I grow DWC so soil doesn’t really apply to me, but for clones i tend to use garden safe rooting hormone and rockwool. Coco pods or organic soils would be good selections for soil choices.

    Invest in extra tools that you will use at some point. A ph pen (a cheap pen can save your months of work by testing the food you’re supplying your plant, extra equipment like water pump, fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, a hydrometer (small magnetic is fine) a co2 meter as well if you intend to properly apply co2 (if you do choose this option make sure to keep your co2 higher than your plant. CO2 is heavier than air and will fall slowly to the ground in your space)

    *please note* co2 at very high levels is toxic to humans. Plants love it, humans don’t. If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t try it!

    Please keep in mind that this was a basic guideline for successful seed to smoke. I encourage folks to experiment as you may stumble upon the next great thing. Or you could just grow feminized autos and follow the temps above with no need to do much of anything other than feed
  2. Are you trying to write a guide for newbs or just writing down what you do for future reference?
  3. Both? ‍♂️ Thought I posted in the correct forum

    After posting it found out I couldn’t delete it so there’s that too

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