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temps high in 4x4 600w - please help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dagetti, Jul 16, 2010.

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    4x4 -- 600w w/ 6" cooltube
    4DWC w/ Res NO chiller -- drop frozen jugs in res, recirc
    6" Vortex
    6" centr fans


    I have the Vortex sucking all the air and venting out of the window. The ambient room tempt the tent is in is 72-75 but my temps inside the tent are 85-90.

    Why the fuck do the temps shoot that high? I had a 4" vortex with 4" ducting reaching these temps.. I posted earlier asking about heat and temps to which everyone said go with a 6" vortex and ducting, which I did and the temps are EXACTLY the same..

    So now im looking at a portable AC but in the house the central AC is running constantly.. I also feel I just wasted a ton of $ rebuying 6" sizes for fans/ducting/carbon filter.

    Input? :(

    I really don't want to add an AC. Only thing im doing now is adding 2 trays of ice/water/salt to try to keep humidity up and temps down.. I'm bummin now.

    Thanks fellaz

    ICE/water/salt brought temps to around 83.. and RH above 40% -- although this may be a temp solution, i cant be going through all this ice everyday
  2. Window < Ducting < Vortex (TENT)< Ducting < Cooltube (OPEN END) -- (havent added in the ducting +carbon filter just yet)
  3. Temps directly under the light 85-87

    Temps above the light 80-82
  4. Well I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure my answer is accurate. All those vortex and ducting is all ventilation purposes. All that does is circulates the air in the room, pushes old air out and brings new air in. It won't cool the air to that extent as a ac would. What are the temps outside? And is the air being sucked in from outside? Or from another room in the house?

    Another problem could also be that your ducting is way too long and the air that's pulled in is being cooled when it goes through the vortext but after it gets out the vortex it travels a little and warms up again. Tells a little more about your vent setup maybe someone could help you out
  5. And WAIT after the air from outside reaches the cooltube it is released into the grow room from the cooltube? Not into another ducting that goes back outside?
  6. all the questions you asked me are in my post.. maybe i didnt lay it out right..

    ambient temps are 70-75 (the room the tent is in) -- this is the temp of all the air being passively sucked in -- and then exhausted out of a window

    ducting is no more than 10ft
    carbon filter > 3ft ducting > cooltube > 3ft ducting > blower > 3 ft > window

    i'll try to snap some pix
  7. what kind of intake are you using?

    where is the intake at?
  8. Intake is passive

    the 4" ducting you see at the bottom and the 2 side flaps that are taped up. cold air is all around the duct and those flaps.

    i may buy a small fan and all it to the 4" ducting to help suck that cold air in
  9. ya try the fan,

    if that doesnt work do multiple fans to try and get the a/c from colder parts of your house near the intake

    and last all if that doesnt work looks like you will need a wall a/c unit :/

    hope that helps,

    i think that most likely the passive intakes are intaking the hot air that is near them so try and blow some cold air in its direction

  10. yeah for sure, thats actually what i was doing today when i started posting. i have a few fans blowing cold air towards the flaps.. by the end of the day today temps were 4-5degrees cooler just from some changes in the air flow all around (inside tent, outside etc)

    thanks for the help bro :wave:
  11. everything in the tent is being venting out to the window

    carbon filter > light > fan > to window
  12. Since you said you had a 4" vortex too, you should use that to filter the air and then use the 6" vortex to pull through the cool tube. With the filter > duct > cool tube > duct > fan > duct is alot for the 6" vortex to handle efficently.
  13. Personally I would use the 6" Vortex and go from side to side IE pull from room through hood and out non scrubbed. Then use the 4" Vortex with scrubber to vent only the tent. Put the 6" on timer with lights and run the 4" 24/7.

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