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  1. Tent size is 120x120x180 with a 600Watt HPS. Inside I have an oscillating fan on the floor situated right next to an open air hole. At the top of the tent I have an air hole open which will be for the inline fan for air extraction, but at the moment the fan is not connected (should be tonight).

    When I put my thermometer on the floor under the light the temperature is 94F (edit, right now its 97.7 :(). Far too high. The thermometer is around 33" from the light. When I put the thermometer in the middle of the tent the temps are roughly the same.

    I do not have the ballast in the tent, everything plugs in outside the tent. I have another small oscillating fan that I will put towards the light to try and cool that a little.

    Is the inline fan going to make any difference to the heat? If not I think I'm going to have to knock the ballast down to 400W.
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  2. The inline will drop it as long as your ambient temp outside the tent is cooler. There are also light hoods that are inclosed and have a fan than you can vent out of your tent to help keep the heat under controll. But i don't know if that will be able to drop your setup that 15+ degrees. I use an inexpensive led, and so far i am impressed.
  3. I'll hook the inline up in an hour and retest. It's at 99.7F at the moment so with any luck the inline fan will do the trick. The outside of the tent is cooler, but I am concerned about summer heat.
  4. I am not sure if it possible for you, but i pull air from under my house and use that to cool my grow closet. Before i planted, i tested the system on a hot day. And with just that fan i dropped the room down about 15 degrees. Just an idea. Its legal here though, so i dont have to be stealth about my grow.
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  5. Do you have an air cooled hood? It's gonna be needed in a tent with a 600 watt HID.
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  6. Nope I don't. Temps are already up to 90 with inline fan on. I can drop the lights to 400 watt for now and see if that helps.

    Going to have the outake go into the attic, see if that helps.
  7. 400w is the most I've run in a closed tent with an open hood, with a 6" inline and filter it was still 15f above room temps. Same dimensions. Without the filter it was about 10f above, which is doable.

    Cool tubes are around $40 with shipping on Amazon.
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  8. These look like the only realistic option right now. A good friend just offered me an intake system for free but I don't want any more additional noise. I'll see what happens tonight I will get the outtake into the attic and leave it running overnight to see what temps I can expect.
  9. Ok, so I put the outtake into the attic, and it seems to be at 87.4. Still too high, but I'm making progress on getting these temps down. I could do with a decent cool air intake but I'm on a stealth grow. I'm still paranoid from the sound of the intake fans but I can pass it off as air con, or dehumidifier.
  10. Left it on all night, temperature is at 91.8F.

    I'm a bit stuck now. I cant think of anything else to lower these temperatures. I got fan inside tent pulling the air into the attic. All 3 air holes are open.

    There is no other room in the house I can do this in, it's in the biggest room already.

    Only thing left to do is drop the temperature to 400W, but I don't think that's going to make a huge difference to be honest.
  11. Cool tube I promise it will shock you the difference that makes I am running my ballast at 450 watts in a 1.5x2x3 ft tent in the closet and it is currently 77 degrees in that little ass tent with my tube

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