Temps 10* above ambient puts me at 84.5. Co2 Question

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  1. Can I run co2 in my bedroom in a slightly leaky tent (zipper)?

    Where can I get the best deal on a kit?

    What can I expect my yield increase to be?

    I really don't want co2 but I can't figure out how else to cool my flowering room.

    I live in an appartment currently where the only way I can pull cooler air directly from outside is to put a vent hose in a window (not stealthy even though I'm legal)

    If 85 is ok let me know. Only other thing I can think of is the Watters chiller and an icebox which supposedly cuts temps down 10* (could I just hook it up to a fan and push it right back out in the room to drop temps 10*?

    Help with any cooling ideas, I know I'm gonna have to use ac in the summer but dont want to when my room is 74* and the grow tent is 84....

    Maybe just another 400cfm fan for air exchange in the tent... That prob would do it but it would also prob raise the ambient temp in my room... But by how much I wonder...
  2. I'm in almost the same situation but I have a 424 cfm carbon filter on the way. My temps spike to 87 even 89 and its not even july. I run 2 400w hps on lumatek digital ballasts, they're dimmable so i can reduce heat by reducing light output but I hate having to do that. I also understand that lower the humidity, the cooler the air, so I'm considering a dehumidifier. I know they're expensive but I've seen a cheap one at the local goodwill. Stealth is a major issue for me so my only other option would be a portable ac unit I scoped on ebay, its like $250, 8000btu, small could actually fit in my already crowded Froom and it'll definitely do the job. I'm hoping the 424 fan is enough, if not add the dehumidifier and as a last resort get the ac. Suggestions anyone?
  3. I ran 4 1000s in a 9 x 11 bedroom and used filters for the smell. It always ran hot and I never realized the yields I could have. Then I sealed my room, vented the lights and put in an air conditioner and co2. I run the flower room at 90 degrees with 1400ppm of co2 and get 1-1/2 to 2 lbs per light. Totally worth it.
  4. By the way I too have been looking into the co2 thing. My grow is too small for co2 generators so I'm thinking sugar and yeast. There's a ton of different recipies, I'll go with 5 cups of sugar, a pack of yeast in a gallon of water. I've also seen something called a CO2 Cultivator by Exhale sold on a site called ecogrow. It's like a bag of something that produces co2 24hrs for 6 months. I'm not sure what it is so I have to look into it some more but check it out yourself.
  5. question:

    i have built a very cheap diy Co2 generator to be tubed into my flower chamber.

    1. they say that Co2 is heavier than air which means it drops. which means you should suspend it above the plant so it can fall onto it. since i have a passive air system running, if i do in fact hang it above the plant wouldnt the flow of air prevent it from falling at all and in turn just get sucked right out and potentially being useless?

    2. if i put the hose for the Co2 generator among the leaves of my plants and punch a bunch of little holes in the tube so the Co2 can literally just pour out onto my plant and be beneficial. would this allow the Co2 to be beneficial or does it take a long period of time for the plant to take in the Co2?

    thanks for the help
    stay stoned
  6. gwito, you are right about CO2being heavier. The holes in the hose idea is perfect. If you can put the CO2 and exhaust on timers. Have the CO2 come on like 15-20 min every 1-2 hrs. When the CO2 comes on have the exhaust go off.That way you aren't wasting pricey CO2. You could run CO2 with the exhaust on and the plants will get some. As long as you have a fan blowing the air around your room not all the CO2 will get sucked out. I did this for a while but now i only run CO2 during veg. My thinking behind that is more branches and growth during veg=more bud. And running CO2 bottles for 9 weeks or so gets expensive. i can't fit a CO2 generator.

  7. right now i have the jug in the chamber it self. i have not had time to cut the hose up yet. but until than the co2 is in there, in a distilled water jug. question. i have the right ratio of everything and it looks like the yeast is doing its thing. but when i do put the hose on and do a test in a glass of water to see if any bubbles are coming out there is nothing, until i give it alittle shake and than there is a huge explosion of bubbles for about 15sec and than again nothing. i however did not sit there and watch it that long, less than a min or so, so that may be it. does this sound right?
    Stay SToned
  8. Don't know. Never made my own CO2. I use CO2 bottles with a regulator.

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