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Temporary Paralysis from Smoking Weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wccira, May 10, 2011.

  1. Ok so this has been getting somewhat concerning so I am here to ask about it. My friend who is a heavy smoker probably tokes up about 2-3 times a day. These are somewhat heavy sessions as well. Well he will hit me up and Ill go over to his place where we smoke a good amount and play videogames and stuff. So in the last couple months after a really big hit or if he is just walking around he will straight up just become unable to move. This happens at random times and It starts with "DUDE ITS FUCKING HAPPENING AGAIN" and usually I will tell him to sit down and just relax but sometimes he just cant. Cant move and do anything just a blank stare, no words, while he is standing in a very awkward position. He is fine after a couple minutes or so and sometimes its faster than that. He just tells me when he is over it that he "was completely paralyzed" and says its fucken scary. Im pretty freaked out by it as well just out of general concern for my friend and also cause im always extremely baked when I see it happen. I know some of you will say that my friend is some noobie bitch who is just tweakin out but that is not the case. Hes a normal 23 year old dude with a college degree who has been smoking since his teen years. Mellow personality, never really has anxiety problems or anything like that. Im confused about the whole situation. Is it serious? I mean what the hell is going on? Ive never heard of this before and we just wanna get high in peace
  2. He is probably just really really stoned. Does it happen when he just smoke a little?
  3. its called HyperKalemic periodic paralyasis.

    i dont think weed triggers it tbh,
  4. Sounds like he can't handle his shit. Slap him in the face next time he does it.
  5. my father has hypokalemic, in which the paralysis comes on slowly, usually in 1-3 days, lasts for a day, with various stages of paralysis, then gaining his strength back in 2 days. its a hellish thing. :(

    my brother has what your friend (might) have..hes fine one second, then out of nowhere, he becomes tensed up, the paralized. it lasts usually 1-5 minutes.
  6. its most likely that, lol

    maybe he is greening out
  7. Yeah this sounds more like some kind of maybe diabetic problem. My grandfather would suffer from this very suddenly if he didn't take his medication. Your friend should see a doctor and be tested
  8. The reason its happening when he smokes (probly takes super big hits too) is because marijuana can change ur blood pressure for better or worse. Suddne drop or rise in blood pressure with a blood sugar problem on top of it can cause temp. Paralizing effects black-out or even stroke

  9. LOL at greening out
  10. I am with freddy on this one - he is over cooking himself and needs to calm the fuck down, a slap across the face will work well - try and see.:smoke:

  11. All these people saying he "can't handle his shit" are really ignorant. I used to smoke almost daily but it started having adverse psychological effects. If I smoke pot today I will have full blown hallucinations and be thrust into what I can only describe as a state of temporarily schizophrenia. I have no control over it. It has nothing to do with "handling my shit". Sure, THC is typically harmless but these types of atypical side effects can happen to anyone.

    It's more you who can't handle your shit without getting high. That's a little off topic though. Check this out:
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    That link is BS man ahaha.  What you are describing does not happen with cannabis.  Maybe you have some underlying issues that need to be addressed. 


  13. AH fuck, i just realized you bumped this ancient thread....double fail.
  14. So your first post was bringing up a 3 yr old thread? With propaganda to boot!!
  15. Turns out, he was just playing an elaborate joke.

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