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Temporary Lunch Room

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, been a few days away from the City doing that Four Letter Swear Word and have been to bagged to do anything.

    I love showing you All our Lunch Rooms from All over this Island we live on and sometimes on the Mainland.

    I'll be showing more of coarse...looking for a new Lunch Room isn't easy.

    Yes it's a Marina...but look at those Island Mountains!!!!

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  2. That looks like Heaven! You are so lucky!
  3. I'd take lunch there any day! ;) You always take a great picture Unoit.
  4. just beautiful! awsonova!!!
  5. HIGH All, thanks guys will love the next Lunch room which I havn't taking a pic of yet (next week).

    Here's the same one as above just a little more to the left

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  6. Beautifull unoit..

    I'd love to eat at those lunch rooms!!

    Don't forget to think about us while you are eating there!!!!!!!!!
  7. HIGH All, anytime BH you know that!!! Ok not the best pics but least your with me during lunch. New to the town so we have to hunt for our "spot".

    This is the where we eat (I'll get a better pic). Houseshoe pub and yes that's a Cold Beer and Wine Store to the left...he he he eh!!!

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  8. HIGH All, man I tell you living on this Island for 23+ yrs I'm glad to be here to show you All what a beautiful town Called Chemainus is.

    Aftrer lunch of coarse we have to hit the smoking room.....mmmmm I hate doing this..but what other way to get some of you up here to witness this.

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  9. HIGH All, is it me or is there a pussy in the tree......

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  10. provided stml doesn,t kick in l,ll take pics of my town tommorrow.:D
  11. yo unoit i got a few of them bridge spots around here its my fav smoking spot. nothing like smoking and fishing. i need to get a digital camera. its a old coverd bridge. huge catfish and smallmouthbass and alot of parties.

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  12. Simply beautiful Unoit! I'm going to have to visit there someday. Your pictures always amaze me. Looks to me like you've got a nice slice of heaven on earth mate.
  13. outstanding!!! awesome pics unoit:)
  14. very nice.... i got some to post... just have to gettin around to doin it... your a very lucky person to livein such a beautiful place...:)
  15. HIGH All, RIPPED nothing like getting buzzed under a bridge...feel like a troll *LOL*.

    IndianaToker you do that and you might never want to leaf...look me up it'll definatly be worth it.

    critters and gravy would love to see your pics....critters how far from the Great Barrier Reef are you? I would love to see some of your beaches.

    Anyone into rainbows....the pic doesn't do the bow justice it was more brighter.

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  16. Beautiful! I saw 1/6 of a rainbow yesterday and got all excited. There's no telling what I would have done had it have been a full one.

    Thanks for sharing, as always. Love the lunchroom!


    Oh yeah, good morning!

  17. HIGH All, yes good morning RMJL....maybe done the Rainbow dance naked??? *LOL*

    Have to go to the vets this morning...Tucker jumped out of the van yesterday, got a nice gash in his back right leg and tried to crazy glue his gash shut but he kept licking it and reopening money money it's seems I've been giving out alot lately.

    Have A Great Day My Friends.

    P.S would anyone like to see it?
  18. Awwwww, poor Tucker. :( Pet him for me. Yeah, I'll look at it if you post it. Post it....
  19. HIGH All, yes he's been getting alot...I don't think he'll do it again DUH!!!

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  20. HIGH All, have to go....O.F.F.F. to the vet.

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