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  1. I am curious what may have happened to cause me to experience what I did last night. To preface I do not smoke regularly. After last night I am hesitant to ever do it again.

    I was walking back from the beach after smoking a good amount of a joint... I was high but able to get home okay/know where I was.

    All of a sudden, I thought I was going to die. Everything was spinning- I could only see my boyfriend’s face talking to me and everything around his face was blurred. I told him to take care of my dog for me and started thinking that I wouldn’t make it. Him talking to me was the only thing that kept me realizing I was going to be ok.

    After that he said I collapsed and doesn't think I was breathing for 10 seconds.

    Another thing- right before I blacked out, I legitimately couldn’t see out of my eyes. I opened my eyes super wide and everything was black.

    I believe that I just had low blood pressure and passed out as this has happened once before (when not high). My question is... had anyone had this happen before.. and is it possible that it was a fluke weed experience (I always understood that weed was safe and this made me never want to smoke again), or was this just a low BP thing intensified by being high?

    I’ve never been that scared in my life... it was like watching my life end lol

    I was mainly interested in reading your own perspective if this had happened to you.
  2. I agree, your vision and fainting was from transient low blood pressure. You overdosed....took to large a dose for your tolerance and since it didn't harm you it just proved how safe weed actually is. Most of us have been there. The worst that can happen from your experience is that it may make you worry over it happening again.
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    I agree on lowering blood pressure. if it ever happens again try sipping water or take a pinch of salt and mix it with water both will help level off your blood pressure. google marijuana and blood pressure. as he said this has happened to most of us. heat also aids in lowering of your blood pressure you were at the beach with weed just try a couple hits next time. I like sipping water and taking a cool rag and placing it on my forehead or arteries around my neck. I have ran into this issue more so with sativas than indica, then even more so with strains that list paranoia, or anxiety as side effects. when I have an issue it usually stays in my head and happens for awhile, so I will micro dose indica that list helps with anxiety and doesn't list paranoia as a side effect. eventually I will go back to normal being able to smoke whole blunts or numerous bong hits as once. good luck sorry that happened to you it sucks for sure.
  4. Blood pressure
    low hydration
    lack of nutrients
  5. This is how aliens actually perform their experiments. You were abducted, your boyfriend is probably an alien or in close relations with them. You should make sure your dog hasn't been probed as well. Its happened to me two, tree times. Last time I came to with a beach umbrella In me bum hole.

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  6. Seriously though. What above posters said. Throw in a little dehydration and that heart beat picks up. When I was in high school, some guy took his first bong rip and called an ambulance.

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